About Us


Untitled designWelcome to our little corner of the world. We are Justin and Stacy. Our lives came together in 1991 while Justin was stationed in Port Hueneme, California with the Navy Seabees. We were married in 1992 and have together raised two beautiful, amazing, grounded daughters. Britney & Daniana. Though we claim three daughters, we didn’t birth our middle daughter, Krista, so I have to say she was our easiest. We are so blessed to have such terrific kids! We don’t take that for granted one day. The three of them are the most important loves of our lives. We’ve traveled and lived all over the world while serving on active duty. In 2010 Justin retired from military service after 20 years. We transitioned to civilian life choosing to settle down back in Pennsylvania. The American dream, right? That’s what we were supposed to do, right? Stacy went to work as an Insurance Advisor, Justin entered the field of material handling equipment service and repair (in English that means heavy equipment mechanic). We bought a home, bought stuff to fill our new home, and spent our weekends mowing the lawn, gardening, and doing chores revolving around our “white picket fence house”. “Normal,” they said. “You’ll like it” they said. In 2012 two tragic things happened. Justin lost his dad and Stacy lost her mom just 4 months apart. Our lives changed dramatically. 
00065_n_15amxn8rpx0065We found ourselves working so much we didn’t have time to spend in the home we were working so hard for. After our youngest daughter left for college, out of state, we started to do some soul searching on what we wanted out of life now that we weren’t full-time parents anymore. Was this it? We just go to work, and spend the weekends preparing for the next week? For the next 30-40 years? Then what? So after much thought, and late-night conversations (and lots of wine), we found “it”. We aren’t strangers to jnswebsiteRVing and have camped and vacationed in an RV for over 20 years. But living in it will be different. We were up for the challenge. We gave ourselves a timeline of 2 years to sell two homes, and all the extra stuff. We hit the road 9 months later. Can you say determined? So here we are. We have chosen to opt out of normal! We’re going to make memories and mistakes. We will volunteer our time to help others, and see the not so popular places in the US and do a whole lot of hiking & kayaking (our biggest passions). We hope to meet so many of you, and if you see us out and about, please say hi.