Our Life Before Full-Time RVing

Doin’ Our Thing. Keeping Secrets is Hard!


Aug 20, 2016 – It’s hard to keep this secret. We haven’t told anyone but our kids what we are doing. Justin isn’t really ready to tell his family yet,  since we don’t have a real plan on when our home will sell, or when we’ll actually be pulling out of here. Our employers don’t know. Co-workers don’t know. It’s become hard for me because I’m so excited about our journey that I want to scream it loud. Yeah, we’re sure we’ll get crazy eyes from people but we just don’t care. We’d like to say if you actually researched Full Time RVing, you’d realize it’s not a bunch of homeless people wandering around. But amazing people who experience amazing things. We’d love to be out of here before the real PA winter sets in, but there isn’t any guarantee. We plan to have our home on the market by November 1st, which is a lousy time to sell a home. I just keep going back to the saying “if it’s meant to be, it will”. So we are hanging our hat on that, and hoping for the best. We’ll just keep doing our thing!

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  1. I just put my house for sale this past December as well, and yes it is a crappy time to sell! But the urge to get rid of it and move on with my life was overwhelming. It took 3.5 months and a few price drops to finally sell it but I close next week! I also purged 2/3rds of my “stuff” and am currently in a small 1 bdrm apartment, sort of a temporary pad until I can upgrade my RV to some more livable on a FT basis. I’ve seen people live out of class B conversion vans, which is the ultimate in minimalism, but with 2 larger dogs and the need for a dedicated work space it just wouldn’t work for me. For the time being I still have to maintain my corporate job, which allows me some remote work opportunities.

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