Dream Catching

Aug 14, 2016

Today Justin and I watched a documentary type show. Stories and feelings of freedom from a group of full time RVer’s. It was again really eye opening. There were people from early 20’s to retirement age telling how they look at life so different I do feel the majority of our family and friends will think we’ve gone mad. Maybe even worry that we are being reckless and selfish. How could we do this?  I’m sure the rumors will be ra9174610842_16855857f8_zmped. And for most who have young kids at home, I get it. Stability is important. But as we sit here empty nesters, working and making damn good money doing it, we qualify for nothing and are getting penalized financially. So we work harder, and … it’s a vicious circle. We had to take a loan out this year to help Dani in her 2nd year of college, because “they” say we make too much. Everyone screams “Scholarships” to us, but every single one she has written essays for, submitted drawing for, and filled out, including our own “Seabee” Scholarship, has been denied due to “your parents making too much money”.

So many people spend just a few hours a day in a house or a car they are working so hard to have. And at the end of the year they spend a relaxing week or two trying to cram something amazing into their life. Well, we are done doing that. As Justin says, we are young, healthy, and have the skills and want to live more simple, with less stuff and make memories. We don’t need a house, or 3 cars. We don’t need stuff to make us happy. We are going to do some dream catching!


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