Aug 7, 2016 — STUFF! Something has changed in Justin and I. Something way down deep that has no real words. As we have spent the last month selling and throwing away  so much “stuff” it’s been like a renewal. A focus on an end, or it is a beginning”? A realization that “stuff” is not important. Memories are! The stories you write and the memories you have about the life you’re living are what matters. You can collect thingsadventure you think you really need and still you have a void in your life. I think it’s human nature to experience life through adventure. And when you’re not free to experience life through adventure, you buy stuff to give you a false sense of happiness. As I sat going through things yesterday, which by the way can be extremely tedious and time consuming, I was kind of disappointed in myself for getting to a point where piles of “stuff” were allowed to happen. I’m a minimalist. If there is an opposite to hoarding, I would be it. And yet, here I sat going through piles and piles of stuff that I had “collected” throughout my short 6 years in my home. Downsizing to a 38 foot RV is going to be a bit of a task, but we’re up for it. Let’s Roll!


2 thoughts on “Stuff”

  1. I am also getting rid of stuff. And searching for my RV. Have you heard of the book called. The life changing magic of tidying up . ? by Marie Kondo. It had really helped me to get rid of stuff !!


    1. When we started we actually did ok. We then came across two guys called The Minimalists that just confirmed that we were on the right path and helped give names to our definitions. Through their podcasts and movie they have help us with tips and methods on how to reach our goals, but the most important thing gained has been the clarity in the why.

      Our first weekend into living full time in our trailer we have realized we still have a considerable amount of stuff. Moving to the small space has almost made things start over again. We are now dealing with trying to get situated in the small space and finding homes for the things that we need. And to make matters more interesting, we need two homes for a lot. One for traveling and one for parked.

      Thank you for your comment and suggestion of the book. We will definitely go look into it.


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