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Changing Lives – 2 Lives Changed Today. Jury Duty is Our Civic Duty

September 26, 2016 

2 people, 1 decision. My decision. The decision I made changes 2 lives forever. Both powerful, and scary! Jury duty is our civic duty, but there is more to it than that. 

As I looked around the crowded court room where the decisions were being made on who would serve and who could go home, all I kept thinking was “I hope I’m not picked. I have too much going on to do this”. It was my first time called to jury duty and I just didn’t have time. My thoughts changed after being selected that day!

Today, this might be a little off our typical topic. I was selected to be on a jury here in Lehigh Valley. It’s my first time to even be called for jury selection, and when I heard my name called as juror #3, I felt an array of emotions. It’s a civil case regarding Medical Malpractice. I’m going to change 2 people’s lives … forever. That’s powerful! To think that I’m entrusted to make a decision that will affect 2 human beings for the rest of their lives. One will be effected in a good way and one effected in a bad way. WOW! I couldn’t help but think of my grandfather several times today. The man I thought of as my dad. The one who raised me as his own. He made such a huge impression on me, even though I only had him for 16 years. Poppy was an amazing, strong man who believed whole heartedly in our system and making it better. I wish I knew if he was ever on a jury. I’m proud to serve as a juror, and I know I’m going to work hard to make sure I deliver a fair judgement. 

I mean really, the only truth lies somewhere that none of these 12 people were. Only the two involved really knows the truth, each one someone how has a different truth. It’s definitely thought-provoking. At the end of my time here, one person will walk away hurt. One will walk away feeling as if they had lost a lot of money. One will (in this medical malpractice case) will be left with less. Either less of a job, or less of a body, and have no compensation for it. I have a big job ahead of me, and I’m determined to put myself last, and listen to everything and make the right decisions. But there is a part of me that wonders if my decision is wrong … then what?

When packing up to take off on a journey of your own, were you faced with something that took you outside your comfort zone, and took all your thoughts completely away from your own world? We’d love to hear your experiences. Leave a comment below.  

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