Changing Lives

September 26, 2016 

Today, this might be a little off our typical topic. I was selected to be on a jury here in Lehigh Valley. It’s my first time to even be called for jury selection, and when I heard my name called as juror #3, I felt an array of emotions. It’s a civil case regarding Medical Malpractice. I’m going to change 2 people’s lives … forever. That’s powerful! To think that I’m entrusted to make a decision that will affect 2 human beings for the rest of their lives. One will be effected in a good way and one effected in a bad way. WOW! I couldn’t help but think of my grandfather several times today. The man I thought of as my dad. He made such a huge impression on me, even though I only had him for 16 years. Poppy was an amazing, strong man who believed whole heartedly in our system and making it better. I wish I knew if he was ever on a jury. I’m proud to serve as a juror, and I know I’m going to work hard to make sure I deliver a fair judgement. 

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