Our Life Before Full-Time RVing

It Appraised for what? Selling our Home to Travel Full Time in Our RV Proved Difficult!

Trying to sell our home so we can live a life with more meaning proves to be difficult. Life can sometimes challenge you and here’s our story of how we made some tough decisions, and the emotional journey to get there. 


January 18, 2017 “This is the part  where you find out what you’re made of and what really matters”. Today we got back our home appraisal. After sinking close to (or over) $100,000 into our home since we bought it in 2010, the appraisal came back $4,000 less than we paid for it 7 years ago. This is emotionally killing us! It’s only money …. It’s not as important as life. I’ve said that a million times. But this cut deep. Nanny left us her life savings, and I sunk it into a home to better the home, that I’m now going to sell for less than I bought it?!? Would she be disappointed in me? Would she tell me it’s not worth worrying about and move on? What I wouldn’t give to spend 15 minutes with her and get some really good mom advice! It’s a somber evening in the Ford household. We aren’t talking. We’re just over thinking. I hear Justin sighing about every 20 minutes. It’s what he does when he’s disappointed, or trying to make the right decision on something. We will get through this, but surely this is not a good outcome for us.

2 thoughts on “It Appraised for what? Selling our Home to Travel Full Time in Our RV Proved Difficult!”

  1. More confirmation why I will never own a home again! You’re a total slave to market conditions. We’re brainwashed our entire lives to think “it’s an investment”. If by investment meaning you’ll have a free place to live after 30 years, it’s never free: maintenance, taxes, and HOA dues will always be there. Granted, some people get lucky and are able to sell high, but that’s the chance you take, and so many people got screwed during the housing crash of 2008 because of careless and greedy bankers, never again will I put myself at their mercy.

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