Our Life Before Full-Time RVing

So Close! We’re Selling Our Two Homes So We Can Travel Full Time in Our RV

When going under contract on 2 homes, closing a month apart, life can be a little hectic. We decided to sell our two homes, and everything in them and travel full-time in our RV. Come join our trials and tribulations as we go through this process.

February 10, 2017


Today we are officially under contract on both our homes. We close on our primary home on March 10th, and our rental townhouse on April 7th. It’s the day we’ve been waiting for. When we think about selling our primary home first we feel a little bit like we are still going to be stuck here. But over the last few weeks we’ve realized this is actually the better way to do it. Cleaning out, selling, donating and auctioning off all our stuff we gathered and lived with for the last 6 years, has been so much work. Now that we are under contract, it’s even going to be more work. Now all the pretty, staged stuff has to go too. It’s all working out, just a little backwards, but actually better than we originally thought. But then we move out, get settled in our RV and get about a month to just take it easy and plan our next adventures going forward. Getting all those last minute things done that didn’t have to do with the crazy schedule of trying to work a full time job and downsize from 2200 square feet to 39 feet. Those changing of address forms, and closing bank accounts that we just didn’t have time to do will now get done in a more relaxed time frame. 

So the moral is, we planned and thought about this moment for the last year. And nothing is as we planned it. But it’s going to be perfect! It’s going to work out exactly the way we didn’t plan, and that’s ok. 

What was your process going through something similar? How are you dealing with the emotional part of making a change you know eventually will be better for you, but today … right now … life is just trying? Hang in there! We can get through this together!

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