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A 15 Minute Decision – Our Summer Plans Changed!

Wait — How did we end up in Texas?

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Sit back. Get your drink of choice, and enjoy this story! It’s definitely unique! It’s been a whirlwind few months for us. Typical fashion for our motto of “Opting Out of Normal”. 

In December we accepted a work camping job up in the Black Hills of South Dakota for the Summer of 2018. Along with 9 other couples, it was going to be a busy Summer in a large campground resort. In April we were sitting in Wyoming, one day away from checking into our host position. But wait … How did we get to Texas?

You know how when you’re watching a movie, and they flash something at the bottom to let you know this next scene is something from the past? To help fill in the story? Consider this next part that “Flash Back Moment”. 

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In January when we went to our first Xscapers event in Arizona, we met who we now refer to as our Tribe Members. We ended up traveling with our road besties for a few months.  Well, before we met these amazing friends of ours, Justin and I signed up for something called Nomadfest. In October of 2018, in Wellington, TX will be the premier of the RV Nomads documentary. Have I ever mentioned I’m a documentary addict? We found out about it over a year ago, and we were one of the first ones signed up to come. How fun! A documentary about our way of life! While we were in Quartzsite, AZ at the Xscapers event, we ran into Laura and John Hebard (aka: Hebards Travels. You can find their YouTube channel here). We found ourselves gravitating to Laura and John. We were invited to hang around a campfire in the evenings, and John and Justin are both retired military, so there is so much in common. It just clicked! They quickly became our “road besties”. And come to find out, they were cast members of this amazing RV Nomads movie coming out, that we had signed up for over a year prior to meeting them. We spent the next few months traveling with John and Laura and a few other friends. We all came together to do an epic solar install for John and Laura. The memories and laughter and complete acceptance and love has been beautiful! When we separated to go our own way, we vowed to keep in touch and see each other in October at the Nomadfest Movie Premier. 

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So, back to current day story telling, we left Utah with a week to get to South Dakota. Sitting in Wyoming (just a day before we would be getting to South Dakota) we started watching a real crazy storm come across. Dropping snow in SD and a lot of high wind warnings where we were. Our daily silly check in with Laura gave way to a worrisome text about weather.

I then got one message that changed our entire 2018 path, and pretty much our life going forward. 

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Justin then got to a text message from Eric (creator and producer of the RV Nomads Movie) and within a 15 minute conversation, we found ourselves turning our wheels south to do something epic! We contacted our work camping commitment and explained how sorry we were, but this was something that just couldn’t be turned down. There was a reason this opportunity was dropped in our lap, and to turn it down when it just felt right, was not in our nature. Justin and I have always lived our lives like that. Some people might call it reckless, impulsive or careless. Every single time we’ve been faced with something like this, where we were given an opportunity that just felt right, the decision was so easy, it just didn’t take more than 15 minutes to make it. (Ex: in 2002 Justin called me on the phone from his command. He said “I know I was about to get out of the military but orders to Germany popped up 10 minutes ago, and if we don’t grab them, someone else will. What do you think about me re-enlisting, selling the house, and uprooting the kids and moving to Germany for 3 years?” That was also a 15 minute conversation, and decision that completely worked out). If your path is meant to go one way, it’s a really easy decision if you listen to it. I’m not saying every decision put in front of you is going to work out and you’ll be skipping through fields of flowers with unicorns. What I will tell you is to listen to that voice inside. Listen to your heart. Take chances. The beauty of our life is that our home has wheels. If we don’t like where we are, we can change our mind. We can move to a new place. We can travel and see something different. If we make a mistake, we really just shrug and say “oooppsss” and learn from it. It’s not life changing. We don’t let it be. 

What we can say today is that the decision to come to Wellington, Texas to be part of this epic RV Nomads Movie/Documentary was one of our best decisions we’ve ever made. We’ve met amazing, talented, beautiful people. We’ve learned. OH the things we have learned!! We’ve given our time. We’ve laughed. We’ve worked … hard! And in the studio we help create, we were asked to build a bar in the gathering area. Justin built the first bar in Wellington. Ever! And we are honored to have it named after us! Thank you Eric! Check out of video above for details! (PLEASE subscribe to our channel and help us grow.)

So go! Live! Give! Take chances! You won’t regret it.

Live Simply   ~   Give More   ~   Expect Less

6 thoughts on “A 15 Minute Decision – Our Summer Plans Changed!”

  1. We left Oxnard with a quick decision, moved to an area much like El Rio used to be. More than a decade later, its crowded here. Our circumstances have changed and we are ready for another quick decision. Working toward that but responsibilities of 2 businesses are in the way needing to be resolved. Excited to try the next one, biggest obstacle is income. No retirement income available yet and what we have invested in is not ready for us to live on. Self-employed so need the cash flow for a few more years. Need a quick decision opportunity that has not shown itself yet.
    Enjoy your journey.

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