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Full-Time RVing and Haircuts ~ How To Find A Hair Stylist While Traveling

“How do you find a hair stylist if you’re never in the same area?” This is a question we get a lot. After 18 months on the road, I won’t say it’s always been easy for sure. We’ve done the big chain places, and frankly have been pretty let down. No offense to the big chain places, but personally I’ve not visited one where I thought they were confident in what they were doing, and I’ve never walked out feeling it was a very good hair cut. AND … I’m not even picky! 

Here’s some advice!

Going to a meet-up or convergence? Ask in a group setting about hair stylists. It’s possible you may be sitting right next to a professional hair stylist who also happens to be a full-time RVer. 

See someone in the grocery store, or laundromat who has a similar style hair cut you’re really wanting? Ask them who they’re hair stylist is. People are always willing to share that information. And not only did you make that persons day because you obviously loved their hair cut, but you might have made a new friend. 

Aveda Salons. I’ve heard this over and over again from RVers. Aveda Salons are always completing updated training, and I’ve not heard of one person getting a bad haircut at the Aveda Salons. 

None of the above work for you? Maybe you’re far away from an Aveda Salon. Try Google. Look up and read the reviews of the local hair stylists. See if you can find names of stylists at the local places that might seem to be the best according to the reviews.  I actually did this in West Virginia for my daughter. She hadn’t had a chance to get back to Pennsylvania to our hair stylist last summer, and was in need of a hair cut. We did find a very good hair stylist in her college town. I have to say for the small trim she received, and the $80 (plus tip) price tag, it might have been better to do a bit more research. But this place had great reviews! We just weren’t expecting the price tag for a trim. Literally a wash and trim! 


Our daughter has always had long hair. To this day, she still prefers to wear her hair long. Finding a stylist who she trusts has definitely been hard. She’s lucky that she does go to visit our oldest daughter a couple of times a year and can sneak in for a hair cut. If you’re ever in the area of Boyertown, PA. Make sure you look up ReVamped Salon. Adriane is one very gifted stylist who listens, and truly has a passion for hair. Yes, this is our youngest daughter, and yes, she gets her hair cut by Adriane. (610) 327-2050

We’re almost always learning from Facebook groups. Ask!! If you’re on a large RV Facebook group, ask if anyone has any suggestions in or close to the town you’re in, or the one you’ll be going to in a few weeks. 

Book a blow out. Don’t know what that is? That’s when you just make an appointment for a wash and style. This is the safest way to get a feel for a salon without making any major commitments. If you’re going to be there a bit, and love the style you just got, make an appointment for a cut and style the following week. 

Do you have some more suggestions or tips? Leave a comment below! We hope these suggestions help you. It’s definitely one of those frustrating 

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  1. If anyone is in the Lehigh Valley area of PA, Country. Cuts in Schnecksville is affordable and the two lady stylists are great for men, women and children.

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