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Our Top 7 Free Camping Spots and Boondocking Tips for 2018

2018 was a super amazing year for us. We were involved in a documentary that was released at NomadFest in October of 2018, and we have an amazing 2019 planned! Stay tuned!

We have a 39 foot 5th wheel, and so many people told us “you’ll never boondock in that size rig”. Well, guess what? For 2018 we have spent $48 in camping fees.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 12.20.56 PM

That’s right! $48 for the entire year of 2018 in camping fees. We challenged ourselves to do it for a year and spend less than $100, but the catch was, we wanted to find the most epic, unbelievable, incredible places. Not just a parking lot, or truck stop. Not only did we find amazing spots, but places where we would look at each other and couldn’t believe they were free. I mean seriously, we’d even pay for some of the views we were getting. 

So we are here to share with you that YES you can boondock in a big rig. And YES you can see some of these views too. 

Our Tips for Boondocking / Dry Camping – Our philosophy on boondocking is that we “just live”.  We’ve purchased some comfort items. Do you need them? Of course not! But when we started this journey in our life, we wanted to Just Live. We wanted to concentrate on the journey. We didn’t want anything to be frustrating or hard or different. Life in general can get challenging on its own, and we wanted to try to alleviate any hardships we could. We wanted to just live our life like we always did, but in a house with wheels. I often say “it just works”, and I am so thankful for Justin’s knowledge in putting our system together safely, and efficiently. Here are a few things we purchased to make our life simple. 

  • Water Storage Bladder – We have the 60 gallon one, but they make them smaller (or bigger) depending on your needs. This was a game changer for us! And it folds up and fits in a box slightly larger than a pie box. We’ve been able to stay in an area longer because we can just go get water and bring it back. Again, allowing us to just live normally. We shower every day, we do dishes when needed and we simply just live. 
  • Water Pump – This allows us to pump the water from the bag, into the RV holding tank. 
  • Water Thief – This helps us get water out of a spigot that might not have a regular thread for a hose. 
  • Speaking of water, I’m a little picky about water. We purchased a fantastic water filter system from The RV Filter Store. Again, a game changer for me. My water is filtered going into the bag, and again our drinking water is filtered through an under the sink ceramic filter. We’ve had it installed now for about 8 months and couldn’t be more happy with it. 
  • Anderson Levelers – When you’re off grid, and off-road, these have made our life so easy. They are small to store and easy to use. 
  • Buddy Heater – Again, we try not be in places where we would use this often, but being that our daughters live on the East Coast, and we gather with them during the holidays, well … you get the picture! We save so much money on propane used by our furnace by using this little guy. 
  • De-Humidifier – We don’t use this often, but when we do, it’s wonderful! We try not to spend too much time in humid weather, but it happens. And when our pictures were falling off the walls in West Virginia, it was time to do something about it. 
  • Generators – Thankfully we actually hardly use these! We have 2. I think we went about 8 months without using them. We can go 3-4 days of no sun before we have to pull these out. 
  • Making the change to Battle Born Lithium Batteries was the best thing we did. Hands down! Expensive up front, yes, maybe, depends on how you look at it. But in the long run, we’re saving money because of the life of the batteries, and the fact that we can use 100% of our battery capacity, which you can’t do with typical lead acid batteries. We often refer to our batteries as “magic”. We love our “Battle Born magic” for sure. Again, they “just work”. 

We had so many more than 7 amazing free boondocking spots in 2018. These were just a few of our epic finds. You can do this too! Let us show you how! We are happy to help answer questions, and make you feel more comfortable getting away from the pedestal. Check out our video’s below too. 

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