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RV Appliance Power Consumption

Wait! My Appliances use what?

Whether you’re hooking up to the pedestal or looking to start your RV solar build and are curious to know what some of your appliances draw in power (amps and watts), we put together this great downloadable list for you!

Knowing what’s running can prevent a breaker from tripping!

What are Watts?

Keeping it simple – think of your battery as a big penny jar. It holds a certain amount of pennies, and when you use your RV appliance, you’re taking those pennies out of the penny jar. Now, most calculations are done per hour. So for instance, if you’re running your blender, which might be about 300 watts, you typically wouldn’t run it for an hour.

What are Amps?

Using our penny analogy above, amps are how fast you’re pushing those pennies to your appliance. For instance, an incandescent light bulb will draw those pennies (amp) much faster than a LED which uses the pennies (amps) at a much slower trickle

What can you run if you’re RV is plugged into a 30amp or 50amp outlet? Make sure you download our handy chart below!

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