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RV Camping in Georgia

Boondocking is what we do best! This is our preferred way to camp and we have found some amazing, epic places we want to share with you! But we are also members of Boondockers Welcome, Escapees and Thousand Trails. So we’re here to share our tips on all the locations we stayed while traveling in Georgia. We live and travel full time in our RV, so we will be updating this blog often! Come back soon!


Myth #201 – “I can’t find boondocking on the East Coast!” BUSTED! There are plenty of great boondocking places! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard there aren’t any free places to camp on the East Coast. It’s definitely harder, but there is still plenty of places.

  • Clayhole Swamp WMA – GPS: 31.366706, -81.569248 Big rig friendly. We personally didn’t stay here. It was our “Plan A” but the road from both sides to get in was under construction and totally closed. So we had moved on to our plan B that day. Good cell service if you need it. Wide-open area. Apparently, there is a permit you need here. I’m here to tell you we spoke to an unnamed official who said we didn’t hear it from her, but in Georgia, they can not ticket you for not having the permit while camping, and only can ask you to get one. In fact, she recommended that we wait until we are asked to get one, and then ask them how and where. She explained that most of them will carry the permits, or have a website you can go to. She said this isn’t something they actually go out and check for. Just passing information on.
  • Horse Creek WMA – GPS: 31.830794, -82.872622 – Great Verizon service. Big rig friendly
  • Towns Bluff Campground. (See GPS Coordinates on the picture) I’m only adding this under the boondocking section because we stayed here. Here’s the deal! We were going to stay right around the corner at the disbursed, free campground. But we needed to dump our tanks first. They charged $10 to dump but with our Passport America pass it was only going to be $12.50 for full hookups. And, we got the bonus of getting some laundry done for $1 a load. That’s cheap!! So sometimes you just have to use your common sense of what makes more sense. And this little campground was very spread out, and pretty much like boondocking. Highly recommend this park if you carry the Passport America, which gives you 50% off at participating parks, and I can tell you, there are more than you think! Thousands upon thousands of participating parks in great locations. The price for the annual Passport America is $44 and we saved that the first 2 times we used it.

Membership Campgrounds

  • Okefenokee Pastimes Campground – We will share pictures and more information in a few months. We have reservations here in January of 2021. We used our Passport America discount and saved a lot! 5 nights, full hookups cost us a total out the door with taxes of $21.45 a night. The normal price was between $45 and $55 a night. We just paid for the whole year membership in 2 nights of staying here!

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