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Another 5 Epic Free Camping Spots

So many of you have reached out about our first blog titled 5 Epic Camping Spots, that we thought we’d share another 5 love!

We love boondocking. Not only because it’s free, but because it’s also so free-ing! 4 years ago when we walked out of the dream home we thought we wanted to spend the rest of our life in, and decided to travel full time, we thought we’d be giving up a lot. Living in an RV, trying to find the cheapest places to stay, and having to live on a much smaller financial footprint than we had been used to, was all a little scary. I can say today that we have given up nothing. Our life is more full, and we’ve learned so much, and boondocking has allowed us to enjoy so much more. We didn’t know what we didn’t know, and we can both honestly say it’s been freeing and life-changing to live in this beautiful country of ours.

But you’re here to see another 5 remarkable places to camp for free! Enjoy, and please remember to tread lightly, and pack it in, pack it out. If you are so inclined, please spend a few minutes picking up around you if the previous campers weren’t as thoughtful. It’s how we give back as well. 

Twin Lakes

RainbowTwinLakes copy 2

Located in Colorado. There are so many beautiful spots near Twin Lakes, Colorado. We had so many choices. Make sure you venture into Leadville. This is a very quaint, historic town, with so much to offer. The actual GPS location is 39.0768827, -106.2994784

This was an epic view, and we could hear the water flowing past. Beautiful mountains surrounding us. There was fishing here as well.

Salida, Colorado

SalidaBoondockingJuly copySM

Another beautiful area in Salida, CO. This was where we actually finished the filming of the RV Nomads movie/documentary.

We have LOTS of 2-3 minute videos about our boondocking locations. Make sure you visit our YouTube channel and check them out!

American Girl Mine

Located in CA. This is a wide-open area with literally thousands of places to camp. The Imperial Sand Dunes and the entrance to Los Algodones, Mexico is very close. I wouldn’t say the scenery was amazing, but the sunsets were definitely beautiful, and the close proximity to things we wanted to do was certainly great! 


Little Grand Canyon

Located in New River, Arizona. Beautiful scenery, easy access, and tons of hiking, off-road riding, and wild donkeys. When we stayed, there was a large dried-up creek bed that had some pretty unusual things. Like a native palm tree with a little oasis around it (who knew … in AZ?) and an old vehicle that makes you wonder if it was in the river, or was it left there at some point? Hum? We love the mystery of the things we find while boondocking. 

DroneAZ1 copy 2GPS

Willow Springs

Located near Moab in Utah


Another place we could have probably spent a month. Oh … we almost did! Ha! We spent 3 weeks in Moab area, and easily could have spent another 3 weeks there. Loved this boondocking area. Very close to Moab, quiet, and yes, this rainbow picture was taken one evening when we had a quick passing thunder storm come through. 

We boondock in some pretty amazing places. Some more scenic than others, but always epic regardless. In 2018 we spent a total of $48 on camping fees for the whole year! Camping like this does several things for us. First and foremost, it lets us appreciate being out of a confining campground. There are no check-in or check-out times. It’s free! Which in turn allows us to spend our money in the town we are camping near. Unhooking from the pedestal can be a little scary at first. We are here to tell you it’s ok, and we hope we can help you see it’s breathtaking out there. You don’t have to look out your window and see the RV slide next to you. Send us a message on your favorite boondocking places, we’d love to hear about them. 

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