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Driving the Natchez Trace Pkwy (Part 2)

Driving the Natchez Trace Parkway was one of our favorite drives. This is a continuation of our drive. Please see part one if you haven’t read that yet. 

Mile Marker 338 – Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall

We really wanted to see this. We either missed the sign for this or there isn’t one. Seems to happen a lot on the NTP.  A lot of the Southbound signs seem to be “missing”. I did read later that this is off the NTP a bit, and though I had done my research, I didn’t realize there wouldn’t be signs. TIP: Map this out if you want to see it. 

Mile Marker 330 – Rock Springs Nature Trail 

Rock Spring 1 copy

This was a great stop! It’s a very short loop to walk. Took us about 20 minutes at a very slow pace. Lots to read about the birds in the area and the trees and plants. 

Mile Marker 328 – John Coffee Memorial Bridge

We loved the history of this bridge not to mention the tiny little beach area where the “sand” is all shells. Tiny little shells cover the whole thing. Spanning the Tennessee River, this bridge makes the crossing seem insignificant. In the heyday of the Old Trace (the 1780s-1820s), the Tennessee River was a major obstacle for travelers. George Colbert operated a ferry to assist travelers in the early 1800s. Before that time, or to avoid the toll, travelers swam across the river.

There were a few stops we wanted to see before we got to our next overnight. We pulled in and read the signs at the following: 308 Cave Spring, 317 Freedom Hill Overlook, 320 Buzzard Roost Spring, 327 Colbert’s Stand and Ferry. I won’t spoil it for you but check out the history on Colbert’s Stand and Ferry, and his interaction with Andrew Jackson. Made me realize that greed was alive and well back then too. 

Jeff Busby Campground at mile marker 193

Our next overnight stop was the Jeff Busby Campground. Another dry camping area but that’s how we like to roll! Really great little campground. The only thing we thought was strange was the setup of the campsites. Some seemed to be just placed in very weird locations. Such as the pull-through site we had, also had another pull-through site 3 feet behind ours. It would be great for dual travelers though to be close to your family or friends who were traveling with you.


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