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Boondockers Welcome ~ Why You Need This App!

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Isn’t this what our parents always told us too? As full-time RVers, we use several different memberships to find the best overnight camping where we want to be. Boondockers Welcome is one of our favorites. Because we love to boondock, and this also gives us a chance to meet new people. We love this concept!

What is Boondockers Welcome?

Simply put, Boondockers Welcome gives you a platform for people who want to stay in a certain location but may not be able to find an RV park nearby. Amazing people offer their property up for typically 1-4 nights for free. Sometimes they have water and electric hookups as well. Boondocking opens up a world of new camping opportunities. What you might lack in services will more than be made up for in experiences. You don’t need high-dollar solar panels or big expensive batteries to boondock. We personally boondocked over a year with no solar and only a very small battery bank. Disconnect from the campground, and fill up the freshwater tanks, charge the batteries, and connect with nature and our hosts instead.

Host or Be Hosted

HOST: This site works based on the generosity of those who can host, so if you can, please sign up as one! You don’t need to be able to accommodate every possible RV size or be available 12 months a year – even if you can only host smaller Class B rigs during the summer months when you’re at home, that’s perfectly fine! Your property, your way! Hosts get all the amazing benefits of meeting fellow travelers, plus they get a 50% discount on a guest privileges subscription just for signing up. And even better, every time you host a member, you get credit for 3 free months of guest privileges, which you can activate whenever you’re ready to travel.

HOSTED: Create your profile. Fill in some brief information about yourself, including photos if you wish. Potential hosts will likely look at this after you contact them, so try to share a bit about yourself without divulging any sensitive personal data. Once you’ve found a few potential hosts that look like they’ll fit your needs, send them a stay request through the secure messaging system, letting them know the dates you’re looking for. All messages are sent immediately. Then enjoy your stay, and leave a review!

Look Who Has A New App in 2021!

We’ve been waiting for apps to come out for a while. We are super excited to see these released! Click below to download your new app!


Boondockers Welcome is one of the most affordable memberships. At this time, it’s $50 for a whole year! If you don’t know what to get your camping family for Christmas, this is a perfect membership that gives them such a beautiful gift! Boondockers Welcome offers gift certificates.

Boondockers Welcome allows you even more freedom and opportunities to meet some amazing road family members. If you stay just one or two nights for the entire year, you’ve paid for your membership.

So – You’re shopping on Amazon? I mean who doesn’t, right? Please consider using our link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, and it gives us a few extra pennies. Click below to use our link and then just shop like normal. Don’t forget ~ check out within 24 hours so we get credit! Thank you!! It really means a lot to us!

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2 thoughts on “Boondockers Welcome ~ Why You Need This App!”

  1. We were BW hosts when we had property we could use for that purpose, and I can’t recommend them more! We had wonderful folks stay with us, some more than once, and ended up with long-lasting friendships; such a contrast with the blow-in blow-out style of commercial RV parks. When looking for a place to camp, they are at the top of our list!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! We’ve stayed with some hosts who then offered us their property in another state anytime we wanted to go. Just an amazing way to camp, and an even more amazing way to meet new friends! We love Boondockers Welcome!

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