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Finding Amazing Shells on This Hidden Texas Beach

If you’re looking for a virtually unknown beach in Texas, we’ve got a great surprise for you! Texas is home to so many amazing beaches. But many people forget about one beach on the southernmost point of the state, Boca Chica Beach. Boca Chica Beach sits on a sandy peninsula separated from Mexico by the Rio Grande River and detached from South Padre Island by the Brazos Santiago Pass. Technically it’s part of the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge.


This little hidden gem has a surprise. One of the most pleasant surprises about Boca Chica is the limitless amount of seashells covering the beach. All different kinds wash up, and if you want a day of exploring shells, you’ll love this beach.

Spring & Summer

You might get a real treat if you’re visiting during spring or summer. It’s the sea turtle nesting times. What an incredible sight to see. Please do not bother, “help” or interfere with this amazing nesting process.

Getting There

Boca Chica Beach is about 21 miles east of Brownsville, on Highway 4. Almost to the end of the road, you’ll start to see the rolling dunes, sugar-white sand, and beautifully clear water of Boca Chica Beach.

Staying There

Though we would love to camp on the beach here, it’s not allowed. You can drive onto the beach and stay and enjoy it all day long in any street-legal vehicle, but you have to leave by sunset. No ATVs or off-road vehicles are allowed. However, there are a few campgrounds and hotels within just a few miles of this amazing beach.

2021 Update

We find this a fun extra thing to check out! Looks like Space X has a launchpad pretty close to the beach area. We read that at times the beach access will be closed, so keep that in mind when traveling.

If you love beach combing for shells like we do, or just like a beach with fewer people, this little hidden gem should definitely be put on your bucket list! Let us know if you’ve visited Boca Chica Beach.

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