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Off the Beaten Path in Florida. Our Top Hidden Gems!


As full-time RV’ers, we travel and see a lot. This is part of our Opting Out of Normal series where we explore the “Off the Beaten Path” of every state. We love the big popular stuff like everyone else, but there is just something incredible about discovering something unique and different. We certainly can’t explore them all, but we’d love you to include your favorites below too. Each post will also include a link to our free camping locations.  

Our Top Pick of the 14 Most Interesting Hidden Gems in Florida

Last week we had more people contact us through our blog than any other week in the past. Most said they had received a link from a friend. So we want to thank everyone who is sharing our blogs! It truly means a lot to us, and we are glad you’re liking them enough to share.  If this is your first time, welcome! We look forward to getting to know you all. 

Before we get into our tops picks, here are a few super amazing things to see that are not on the roads less traveled or off the beaten path but definitely must see’s while you’re in Florida. Dry Tortugas, Manatee Springs and Devils Den are our top pics for the popular places.

We love the amazing beaches and clear waters of Florida like everyone does. But if you’re looking for something just a little different to do, here’s our picks. 

Crystal River

Crystal River is a coastal city in western Florida. Kings Bay, which is fed by springs, is home to the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, sheltering manatees year-round. Boardwalks at Three Sisters Springs Wildlife Refuge offer views of the marine mammal and the natural springs. This is an awesome day trip! I was a little taken back that you can’t just walk into this place on your own. We had to buy a $10 trolly ride in. I didn’t question it, as it wasn’t that big of a deal. But well worth the trip!

Kayaking in Florida

Check out or 2021 kayaking at Weeki Wachee Spring here!

Rock Springs Run and the Wekiva River are a paddler’s paradise with 16 miles of continuous, crystal clear spring water that will take you for a meandering ride to the St. John’s River and beyond. Canoes and kayaks are at home in this vast, natural wonderland of birds, bees, and subtropical forests. Bring your camera. FYI: There is no access to Rock Springs Run or Wekiva River from the Rock Springs Run State Reserve.


Tubing/Kayaking at Rainbow River – About 2 hours north of Tampa, you’ll find Rainbow River. I mean just look at this place!! You can bring your own tube, or rent one, but it’s a super fun float experience for you and the kids. Kayaking this is great too! It’s more of a float though. 

Bioluminescent Kayaking

If you do nothing else water-related, do this!! Super cool Kayaking trip at night!! This night tour takes you to Florida’s Indian River Lagoon to see that waters light about with a bright blue-green glow.  You light it up with the splash of your kayak paddle.  Some companies offer regular kayaks, family rafts, and the spectacular clear kayaking bioluminescence experience.  Tours depart every night throughout the year. 

When Justin was stationed in Puerto Rico, we had only been married for a few months, and I took off work and flew out to spend our first married Thanksgiving together. There was a similar lake there, and it’s definitely something to see. 

  • We get so many questions on our kayaks I wanted to share the ones we have. These fit behind the theater seat in our RV and are the size of a large hiking backpack. Very small and we’ve truly enjoyed them!! Click HERE to see what brand and model kayaks we have. 

Bulow Plantation Ruins

We love history, and especially the kind of history we can see and touch. There are several Sugar Mill ruins in Florida.  Bulow Plantation Ruins The ruins of this antebellum sugar plantation are the end result of a Seminole attack during the Florida Wars of 1836. More than 20 years before Florida became a state, a South Carolina man named Charles Wilhelm Bulow bought up almost 9,000 acres of land bordering a tidal creek along the central coast, not far from present-day Daytona Beach.

If you’re a diver, check out Vortex Springs. Justin is a certified diver, but Stacy is not. We’ve heard this is an unbelievable place to visit. 

Washington Oaks State Park

Located in Palm Coast – Florida is known for the flat, white sands as far as you can see. The Rocks is a mile of unusual geological formations, caves, nooks, and crannies in the water-worn coquina rock.

meThe Rocks

Whether or not the rocks appear depends on the recent weather and tides. If there has been a number of nor’easter-type storms, then you can be pretty sure that the rocks will appear.

Coral Castle


Located in Homestead – This may or may not be on the more popular side of things to do, but I had to include it. A mysterious castle built as a monument to lost love. The castle contains many wonders including a sundial, a stone rocking chair, a 500-pound heart-shaped stone table (a “Valentine” for his lost love), and a 9-ton gate made to spin with just a light touch. It’s just a really unique story behind this “Castle” (plus, if you have kids, I think they’d love this unique place). When Ed Leedskalnin was jilted by his sweet sixteen the day before their wedding, it was to send him on a mysterious and marvelous path of creation.

Cruger-DePeyster Sugar Mill Ruins

meCruger-dePeyster Sugar Mill Ruins

Don’t bother trying to pronounce this. Or maybe it’s just me! Do you like ruins as much as we do? So because so many of our blogs have ruins listed. We love the history and stories behind them. Despite being made of a seashell mortar, the crumbling remains of this historic Florida mill are still standing. 

Ghost Town of Ellaville

We love the mystery behind abandoned towns. What causes people to just leave an entire town? This really eerie ghost town is located on the banks of the Suwannee River. 

I don’t think I’d go out of my way to go see this, but if you’re traveling close enough to this area, check it out. Again, the story and the history behind this place is fascinating and sad. Directions: On the western side of the Suwanee River. Drive west on Highway 90; the sign for Ellaville can be seen as you cross the river.

The Lewis Spring House

The Lewis Spring House

Who doesn’t love the artistic houses of Frank Lloyd Wright? The Lewis Spring House is best known for being one of only two pod-shaped houses designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright, as well the only private residential home in Florida designed by the famous architect. What’s more, this unique residence is directly tied to the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. Check out the Fallingwater House in PA too. We listed it on our blog HERE

Falling Waters State Park

Waterfalls are hard to come by in Florida, but this state park is home to Florida’s tallest natural waterfall, which rushes 73 feet down the wall of a massive sinkhole. If you’ve read my blogs you know waterfalls are my favorite places. Plan your visit to coincide with recent heavy rain, so there will be lots of water. Don’t underestimate State Parks as being some of the most amazing places to visit. 

Ravine Gardens

meRavine Gardens State Park,

Another State Park – Located in Palatka – This little-known park in North Florida doesn’t get the attention it deserves. This park with manicured gardens, footbridges, and trails created in the 1930s is magical during the springtime when thousands of azaleas are in bloom.

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There are still so many places we want to explore in Florida and hope to do that after the holidays this year. Please share your own Off the Beaten Path places with us. Looks like we’re heading back the winter of 2020/2021 so come back soon! More exploring to find!

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Finding the hidden gems in Florida

9 thoughts on “Off the Beaten Path in Florida. Our Top Hidden Gems!”

  1. You mentioned most of our favorite places (we resided in Florida before going full-time). We especially love Devil’s Den and they have a little secret campground way in the back we have frequented on occasion. We are scuba divers, so we’ve dived many of the springs and rivers you mentioned. My favorite–I personally love Washington Oaks and used to take many trips down there just to sit among the ancient oaks for peace and quiet. You’ve chosen some wonderful Florida destinations! Dawn

  2. This may have been addressed ad nauseam, but are there compelling factors to attend the gathering near Yuma starting I think January 20th next year. Appreciate your comments. Bob

    1. Hi Bob, We aren’t sure what your comment is referring to. Can you please explain? Do you have a specific question? Also, I believe Yuma is in Arizona?! I don’t see a Yuma, FL nor do we know what “gathering” you might be speaking of. Feel free to send us an email or contact us here. We want to make sure we answer any questions you might have. Thank you! Have a great week!

  3. Here it is June 2020 and I just found your website. I am so glad that I did. I hope to start traveling (very cheaply) soon. I am a 70 year old female Florida resident, and I know that your wealth of information will help me greatly. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into your information. I am looking forward to your news letters and exploring more of your web site as well as all the beauties that the Lord has made, some with a little help from man.

    1. Hi Gloria!!! You made my whole day!! Thank you so much for your kind words, and I do hope you’re able to travel soon. It can totally be done on the cheap, but it does take some work. We, personally, lived our lives together within our means. We didn’t have years of car payments, or maxed out credit cards, or piles of bills. There were times we drove old cars and didn’t have the newest of clothes, but living simply gave us this amazing gift of time. We played board games with our kids and they played outside. We instilled the values of living within your means, and to this day both our girls are amazing at that. So this lifestyle can be done if you’re willing to have just what you need, a few things you want, and an open heart to exploring and living your dream. Good luck, and we sincerely hope to catch up with you on the road someday. We’ll be heading down to FL this winter to explore some things we haven’t yet. 🙂 Maybe we’ll run into you sometime. Be well! Live simply, give more, expect less!

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