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How to Store Board Games in an RV, Tiny Home or Small Space

When we were young parents, there weren’t many electronic games or game consoles out there. And to be honest, we just loved board games. Now that our girls are both grown, they have lots of board games and play constantly! However, when you live small or travel full-time in your RV as we do, space is limited. We have some great tips and ideas for you!

Even though our daughters are grown and on their own, we still love visiting because most nights are spent with the TV off and picking out a board game to play. You may not have the amazing collection they do, but how do you choose your favorites?

Board games are still such a great way to spend time with your kids, your friends, and your family. With that being said, if you live full time in a tiny home, small apartment, dorm room, or RV, we have some tips for enjoying games and puzzles still.

Making the Space

Making a small space for a few of your favorite full-size board games in your RV is not as hard as it seems. If you take a few of your favorites and designate a space for them, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorites for years to come.

You can also look at adding a shelf in your RV cabinets, which allows you to divide the games up, and get more use of the space. This area fits about 6 standard full-size board games.

Pick Your Favorites

Do you have a select few favorite games you want to bring? Do it! You won’t regret bringing a few games. Here are our favorite ones!

Trade with Friends

Do you have a few trusted friends who love board games too? Trading with friends for a little while is a great way to have some variety, and learn new games. We’ve learned some awesome new board games by doing this!

Trade Out

Do you have kids or family members who are willing to store some games for you? Typically even full-time travelers make it back to family gatherings during the holidays or special occasions. That’s when you can plan to make some trades and update your collection of board games.

Donate Them

It’s always hard letting go of games, but if you notice you aren’t playing them as often, or maybe your kids have grown out of a few, some campgrounds will have a community room where you can donate your games, and some even offer trades. It’s also a great way to pick up some new games and be able to pass them on down the road when you’re done.

Favorites Come in Travel Size too!

Go Small

So many super fun games are already made in small packages! Perfect for traveling! Here are a few of our favorites. Have you played these ones?

Our Favorite Card Games

Great Easy to Store Travel Games

So many things can be done with a few dice and a regular deck of cards! Make your cards fun! Get a few decks and hand them out to friends! Everyone loves a little Rummy or Go-Fish!

Educational Favorites That Travel Great

When traveling with kids, or grandkids, it’s always great to throw in some educational games that are still fun! The kids won’t even realize they are learning too! Maybe you’re looking for a gift for a full-time family? These are great options!

Take it Outside

Here are a few small games that can be played outside. We’ve shared some amazing moments with adult friends and kids alike playing these games.

Never stop playing! Play. Have fun. Enjoy the game. These moments with your family are priceless. Turn the TV off and pull out one of those old classics, or new favorite games. Even if you live tiny or don’t have a lot of space, there are still many ways to have the board games you love with you.

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