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Solutions For Your RV Spice Storage

I’m not sure about many of you, but the first (second and third) time I organized my spice cabinet, nothing seemed to work to my liking. What a chore! Not that it was hard to do, but finding what worked for us was the hard part. So many full-time RVers have really neat ideas for their spices. None of them work for us. Some of our friends have these amazing magnetic spice containers they keep up in their cooking areas or on their refrigerators. Some use these great plastic spice holders on the inside of their cabinets. Great ideas! We even purchased the plastic spice holder racks, and they wouldn’t stay adhered to the inside of the cabinets due to the finish on the inside of my cabinets. I even tried cleaning them with rubbing alcohol. Nothing seemed to work for us. I (Stacy) am a tad bit of a neat freak. I don’t like anything on my fridge, nor do I want things cluttered on my limited counter spaces. So I struggle with having things left out.


The Planning

When we arrived in Pennsylvania for the holidays we knew we’d be stationary for about 5 weeks. We were coming up on our two-year full-time travel mark and it was time to get rid of the things we hadn’t used and try to organize those things that have bothered us recently.

Thus, the spice cabinet rehab began. Every time we stopped in our travels, “that” cabinet was the one where everything fell out when we opened it. Even using these handy tension rods helped, (which we’ll still use on travel days for other things) but didn’t quite do the trick. Sure, things weren’t falling out anymore, now they were just tipping over inside the cabinets. A few weeks ago was the last straw, when we finished a long day of traveling and came in and opened the slides and we realized one of the spices must have not been closed all the way, and it spilled out all over the cabinet, and out the door, all over the countertop and all over the floor. Lucky for us it was just one of our dry spices and not any sort of oil.

The Epic Find


We found these little gems on Amazon. Made in the USA and probably the best quality we’ve seen in a long time. We love that they are clear, thick, and durable. They are stackable and perfect for our spices. They do make them a little taller too, but with the size of our cabinet taller didn’t work. If you have shorter items inside, they do lock in place. We also use so many other products from M Design. We store some bathroom items in these, and they are definitely convenient in our refrigerator.

Update – It’s coming to the end of 2021, and we are still very happy with these spice containers. We finally found something that works for us. The video below is a short video Justin made to show everyone how sturdy and useable these are.

More Ideas from Friends

The thing with living in an RV is that everyone has different space, different sizes, and different needs. Here are a few suggestions from our friends. Some of which we loved, but our cabinet sizes were just a little different.

All amazing ideas, just do us a favor and measure twice. Ask us how we know!


In the end, only you know what works for you, and what sizes you need to work with. You may be ok with having them on the back of your stovetop or hanging on your refrigerator. I’ve learned from experience, that hard plastic or metal wire racks are definitely the best way to go. Plastic doesn’t last long in an RV in most cases. If you have something like this, just make sure you use Museum Putty (I swear by it) to keep it in place. This stuff is amazing, and has so many uses!

Please share what worked for you! I’d love to hear from you. If you share some pictures, we’ll post the ideas here too, and give you credit.

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