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Best Holiday Gift Ideas for RV’ers – Updated For 2021!


Do you have a friend or family member who lives full-time in their RV? We live tiny and people don’t know what to get us. Personally, we always say we want “experiences”, not “things”. Buy us a movie ticket to go to the movies with you. Or let’s plan a weekend in Vegas together. Let’s go wine tasting together. See the trend here? Seriously, if you want to make us super happy, give us an experience vs. a gift. If we are a full-time RVer, we are living the life of experiences. That’s what we love. But with that said, it’s human nature to want to give “stuff”. A token to unwrap. So here are a few of our favorite small and useful items. 

2020 was challenging, wasn’t it? As we approach the holiday season of 2021, I can’t help but think yet again how fast our year has gone. And how thankful I am that things here in the US are opening back up, and how beautiful it is to see families gathering again. I’m anxious to get my travel journal filled in more! CLICK HERE for the best travel journal we have found! I love the inside (see picture) description! So perfect!

I’m going to list a large price range of gifts, for all dollar amount choices. 

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak We store 2 kayaks, a pump, 4 seats (our kayaks are each 2 person kayaks), and our life jackets behind the theater seats in our 5th wheel. Inflatable kayaks can get pretty small. 

Humming Bird Feeder – I have gotten the most enjoyment of this little thing! This is a picture we took in Colorado.

Indoor Fresh Herb Garden Kit – We gave up our garden when we went full-time in our RV. This gave us a chance, even small, to have fresh herbs. Such a fun item!

Digital Books – Kindle, with Kindle Unlimited subscription. This is key for someone who lives in a small space. We still have books, but it’s much easier to download books. 

Edible gifts Baskets – There are so many options, and so many prices, you’re bound to find the best choice for the person you’re buying for! This one happens to be my favorite if you wanted to adopt me! Ha!


Do you know where your traveler is headed next? What a treat to get them a night or two at a campground resort in that area, or if you know what campground they might be already headed to, call them up and ask them if you can mail a small package (or card) for them to give to your special person on arrival day. What a surprise! Maybe a gift card to a local eatery there, or even simply a card that just says surprise and you were thinking of them. 

Water Bladder – This has been a game-changer for us. As people who boondock (dry camp), it’s been such a helpful item. 

Atomic Clock – I swear we laugh about this! But we have a hard time remembering what day it is! Or what time zone we are in. This is such a helpful clock to have. 

Throw Pillow Covers. Just the covers. If you know they have a few throw pillows, and you know the size, the covers are easy to store, and would be great to have a holiday theme pillow.  The fun possibilities are endless. Maybe buy them a few different designs you know they will love!

Personalized sign or Lawn Flag – Fun! 

Luci Lights – These are an RVers best friend. They are inflatable LED lights. What a concept right? You might say they are pricey but what a gift even just one would be. They are solar, and inflatable so when your RVer is ready to go, they deflate it and it stores smaller than a cup saucer

Instant Pot – best cooking gadget we’ve ever had! 

2021 has brought a whole new way of frying. We love our air fryer, and this is a great, easy gift for anyone who lives tiny. Also, since we love our Instant Pot so much – we decided to go with the same brand. We’ve had this for many months and have used it a lot. Definitely worth the money.

RV GPS – This is huge for a full-time RVer. These GPS’s are designed with us in mind, and though you still have to use a little common sense, they really do keep you on the right roads for the size rig you have (which you program into the GPS). 

Think “UP”. Full-Time RVers don’t have much floor space, so hanging something is usually the way to go. Here are some great personal ideas of things I have that I love:

Magnetic knife holder

Magnetic Spice Holders

Hanging Fruit Basket

This is the best and cutest way to display a plant. Yes, we still love plants!

Another safety item – A Weather Radio! Extremely important. When we were in TX for a few months while filming a movie, our phone would be turned off at night, and the weather radio would wake us up with a warning of hail, high wind, tornadoes, and such. If you’re living in an RV, a weather radio is a necessity. 

Do they like to write? RV There Yet Journal is awesome! 


Are they still taking pictures and sending them with their phone? Are they ending up with thousands of pictures on their phone, and nowhere to store them? Have you seen these? You literally just plug them right into your phone and you can remove all your pictures and store them safely on a flash drive. 

Self Adhesive Key Holder – One of our most useful items.  Also, comes in handy for hanging lots of other things (jewelry, potholders, and measuring spoons just to name a few)

We don’t carry many actual books, but sometimes there is just a book that I find the best information in, not to mention I love writing in the margins. For a full-time RVer, this book is one of my favorites. And if you’re buying this for a friend or family member who travels, I highly recommend this book. Maybe they are dreaming of traveling. This book is one of our favorite books we’ve used for over 5 years!


Command hooks for Christmas lights outside – Yes! RVers hang Xmas lights on their RV. Ha!

Music Music Music – We love to listen to music. This tiny Bose speaker is the best speaker. Portable, small and the sound is like no other. 

I know most of you think gift cards are just not personal, but you have no idea how fun it is to be exploring somewhere maybe in March and come across a Barnes and Noble or Starbucks and remember that your favorite Aunt gave you a gift card and it’s like Christmas all over again. We really love them! 

I hope you found some helpful ideas whether it’s someone who lives tiny, or if they travel and live full-time in a RV. Please share with someone who might find this useful!  

Also, check out these past blogs for more gift ideas!

Most of all Justin and I want to thank you all for all your continued support, love, kind words, and amazing suggestions as we travel around. That is our Christmas gift!

Merry Christmas! Happy 2022! Stay healthy and travel safe!

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The Best Gifts for people who live tiny

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  1. Great list! There are several things on your list I’d love to receive as a gift! Hint, hint kids! But I totally agree, experiences are way better.

    1. Ha! I’d rather get the experiences too, but so many times people want to buy you a traditional “something”. Thank you for coming to check out our blogs!

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