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The Best RV Modification We Made – And it Was Under $25

When we bought our RV, it was brand new and had almost everything we really needed and wanted. Our first few weeks living in the RV brought some amazing mornings sitting outside drinking our coffee, enjoying the sunrise. One morning in particular I remember it was raining, and I went to sit down in my living room, only to discover I didn’t have a place to set my coffee cup down. 

Wait. What? How could this amazing new home of mine lack something so silly! 

After a little research and some chatting among ourselves, we found the perfect solution! Cheap, easy, 5-minute fix to our problem, gave us a beautiful little table! 

Have you ever thought that the perfect solution might just be a nice small cutting board? But how to make it into a side table took just a little thought and a trip to the local hardware store.

How To Do It

We’ll show you how to make this little table and have it fit right into your existing cup holders!

First, find the perfect wooden cutting board of your choice. Click here for the one we have!

Here are some great choices as well!

Second, you’ll need to take your existing cupholders into the hardware store and purchase two Reducing Couplings. Ours were 2.5 inches, but find the right size for your cupholders.

Next, put the cupholder with couplings into their holder, set your cutting board in a place where you want it, and trace around the couplings to mark your cutting board

Then drill into the cutting board the same size as your bolts (see our below video for help).

You’ll need 2 large washers to hold it in place. Make sure you buy this all together for the perfect fit when you’re at the hardware store.

This was the best solution for us, and we hope we help you find your solution. We can’t wait to hear where your ideas lead you!

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2 thoughts on “The Best RV Modification We Made – And it Was Under $25”

  1. Great idea! A little slicker would to be to counter bore the top with a forstner bit which leaves a flat bottomed hole to countersink your bolt heads. The board is thick enough, you could sink it deep enough to add wooden plugs over the screws ( you can buy those in standard sizes or make your own if you have a plug cutter). No bolt lumps then on the top of your table. Another thought is you could use a band saw or even a jig saw to cut wooden rounds that you can glue to the bottom of the board to locate and secure the top, instead of bolting anything.

    1. Awesome suggestions! We actually thought of something similar to this after were did it. 🙂 Living full time in an RV means we don’t have tons of tools for every project. Thank you for the suggestions! Very useful information.

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