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Cape Flattery, Washington – Tips for a Successful Trip

Two Day Itinerary

Day One

Cape Flattery is the northwesternmost point of the contiguous United States. We’re so happy we decided to explore this area. It was actually one of the places on our bucket list, and we thought it would be quite a while before we got there. While planning our trip from Seattle up to Montana, we decided in an hour that we were changing up our entire plans and heading to the coast instead. Cape Flattery was finally on the list! (Dear Montana … we will see you again sometime!)


Definitely hike the Cape Flattery trail! It’s easy, short and amazing scenery! Total out and back is only about 1.2 miles. The hike through the trees will remind you of a rainforest, and the coastline is rough and beautiful. Be sure to hike out to the lookout points along the way for more fantastic views. The trail itself was very well maintained, but did I mention “rain forest”? Everything is very wet and very slippery. I did end up falling, on some slippery rocks, so don’t do this hike in flip flops (though I was not wearing flip flops and I still fell). You can glance across the water and see Canada.

The End of the Trail

Continuing onto the end of the trail there is one final platform.  A small 5-10 steps up a ladder and you’re literally at the edge of the United States. Not far off the end is the Cape Flattery lighthouse which was built in 1857. I am not sure if there is a way out to the lighthouse, but I don’t believe so. Everything I found online showed that the few inhabitants on the island are no longer there.

Neah Bay

While driving to Cape Flattery, we went through a little fishing town called Neah Bay. I was expecting something different here, but unless you’re into chartering a boat to fish, I didn’t find anything to do in this little area. It’s a very run-down town unless I missed something.

Day Two

First Beach/Second Beach – La Push

Absolutely worth a stop! Picturesque shoreline and also popular due to the vampire novels Twilight. The town carries the torch, and you’ll find lots of fun signs around town about this. In the Twilight craze, Forks and La Push saw an invasion of fans coming to the area. This is where the fictional series began. The town is the backdrop of most of the series. Now all that is left is the Native to Twilight store, Bella’s red truck at the Visitor Info center, and a vampire-werewolf treaty line on the road down to La Push. I read that every September there is a Twilight Festival.

Don’t forget to visit Hoh Rain Forest! We did drive in and went into the visitors center. Unfortunately, we had our 40-foot rig with us, and there were too many people in tiny vehicles who were taking up the big rig RV parking, so we weren’t able to explore like we would have liked. Which is just a reminder to all. If you’re driving a passenger vehicle, please don’t park in the oversized RV parking areas. We see this a lot!!!

Where We Stayed

Bear Creek Campground

Free boondocking, but you must have the Washington Discover Pass. Which is good for a whole year, and can be purchased online. The annual pass is $35 and well worth it. There are many places you’ll find this pass accepted to camp, and your camping is free with the pass. You can find the information here

Quinault Beach Casino

Picture by our Friends, Nate & Heather

GPS: 47.038491, -124.170615. There is enough room here for probably about 75-100 rigs. Great cell service for working, and dumpsters. Not epic scenery, but a great place to stay that is safe, great for big rigs, and has great cell coverage. 

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We’d love to hear what you found near Cape Flattery too! Share your best ideas! Thank you for checking out our blog. Follow along as we travel, and share our fun adventures with you!

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