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Gift Ideas For Full-Time RVer’s

Gifts Ideas For RVer’s … From RVer’s!

What a year! 2020 and 2021 were definitely a bit challenging huh? If you’re looking for the perfect holiday or “just because” gift for someone who lives tiny, we gathered a few of our friends and put together a list of suggestions.

It’s not always easy to know what to get us! Birthdays, Christmas, or just want to tell us you’re thinking about us! Especially if you don’t live our type of life, and don’t realize we really don’t have the room for stuff. So many extended family members struggle with this. So I decided to collaborate with a few new and long-time full-time RVers and put together a list that might help. The common theme I hear from almost everyone was they wanted experiences, not things. And so many of them wanted those experiences with their families. So buying a movie ticket, for example, is wonderful, but buying a movie ticket for yourself to come along was even more wonderful.

Homemade baked goods were definitely on almost everyone’s list! If your full-time RV family member is going to be around during the holidays they want cookies!  A lot of full-time travelers don’t have the larger ovens to cook more than a few cookies, and a lot of times our ovens leave a lot to be desired.

But gift cards were the #1 request. As much as we know it seems impersonal to give a gift card, they are really the top request. Here is a list of helpful requests from Full-Time RVer’s

Gift Cards / Certificates

  • Restaurant (chain)
  • Walmart
  • Hair Salon (Chain)
  • Fuel
  • Amazon
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • RV Park reservation in an epic spot (maybe surprise them and meet them there)
  • RV Park reservations in gift-givers location so a visit is more possible
  • A gift certificate to somewhere in the RVer’s route (restaurant, safari park, concert, live play, etc)
  • Museum membership or gift card in an area they will be
  • Zoo gift card or membership in an area they will be 

Membership Renewals

  • Coachnet
  • Cosco
  • Sams Club
  • Good Sams

Other RV gifts and Gadgets

Thank you to the following full-time RVer’s who volunteered their ideas for this blog.  Please follow the links to their websites. 

Kelly Beasleywww.campaddict.com

John & Laura Hebardwww.hebardstravels.com

Lisa & Dan Brownwww.alwaysonliberty.com

Mark Emerick – The man too busy for a website

Julie and Sean Chickerywww.Chickerystravels.com

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