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20 Things We Learned in Our 1st Month of Full Time RVing

Our first month’s Nomadiversary was a huge success!

2022 update: Here we are, about to cross over the 6-year mark in our epic journey of full-time RV living and traveling. I love looking back and seeing how much excitement, adventure and energy we had, and all these years later, we still have! Full-time RVing isn’t for everyone. But our biggest advice is to find your passion and do that! Don’t wait for ‘someday’ because as we’ve experienced way too many times in our life, ‘someday’ can be rudely interrupted.

Here’s a link to our first video:

Our first month has been amazing! We feel blessed every single day that we gave ourselves this opportunity to live this life. As scary as it seemed sometimes last year, we’ve realized it’s not at all. Here are a few things we’ve learned in the last month:

  1. 4 squares of single-ply toilet paper is not enough (thanks hon!)
  2. Boondocking is not scary
  3. Our bathroom sink bath uses very little water and does wonders (thank you Norwex body towels)
  4. PA is a long way from SD and can be easily driven … in 2 months
  5. A lot of great boondocking places you wouldn’t expect to have cell service do, and the ones you would expect to have it, don’t. 
  6. The level up auto-leveling system relieves a lot of stress
  7. Cows really do come in more than 3 colors
  8. Watching The Walking Dead is much scarier in the middle of nowhere. Alone. 
  9. It’s awesome to not have a mortgage or car payment
  10. We love being able to pull over, have lunch in our own home, and use our own bathroom. 
  11. It takes just 7 minutes to clean the whole house. 9 minutes if you vacuum
  12. It’s perfectly acceptable to eat dessert before dinner. We’ve totally done that
  13. Having no schedule is completely ok. Different, but ok. 
  14. When you have a small spat there’s less space to be separated in, which caused the small spat to be resolved much more quickly 
  15. When living in such close quarters to one another, clumsiness is catchy (sorry JP) 
  16. Norwex towels really do work like they say they will.
  17. Taking a shower with a spider above you is possible without a panic attack. You just can never look away. Not even if you have soap in your eye. 
  18. Ticks find the dark spots on a yellow lab to hide. Miss Damsel’s new name is “tick lips”. 
  19. Traveling and living every moment of every day with your true best friend, is the most amazing life one could ever have. 
  20. Humanity and kindness are far from lost in this country. Both in the RV community and the amazing local people we’ve opened up and talked to, we have been blessed to make new friends and share smiles, handshakes, and great conversations. 

“For what it’s worth, it’s never too late, or in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. I hope that you feel things that you have never felt before. I hope that you meet people with a different point of view. I hope that you live a life that you are proud of. If you find that you are not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.”

Eric Roth

There is so much more ahead of us, and we are excited! Come follow along on our journey! Here are a few more blog posts we think you’ll love!

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