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Free Camping in Utah

There are many places in Utah to camp for free. One of our favorite places is called Strawberry Reservoir. We’ve been there a couple of times now.


It’s 65 miles east of Salt Lake City and just 23 miles east of Heber City, which has everything you need, plus some super fun things to do. 

You’ll find wide-open spaces with easy access for big rigs, as well as driving and walking trails with some amazing views of the area.


Free 14 day stay

The area is filled with free-range livestock including sheep and cows. We shared a campsite with many cows who loved to wake us up before sunrise by scratching their itch on our RV. Yep! You read that right! There is something strange about laying in bed and yelling at cows out the window to go away. 

This is a great place to boondock! The closest city is Heber City, which has so much to do, including the historic train ride on the Heber Creeper. 

Fishing is open year-round with ice fishing from December to February.

The Forest Service operates a visitor information center at the junction of US-40 and the west side road, which has a Kokanee Fish Hatchery. This was really fun to explore. We were traveling with a family who had young kids who loved it!

Cell service is good here! You can actually see the Verizon tower up on the mountain, and according to our phone, the location of the ATT tower is in the middle of the water on a little island. Who knew? We were never able to locate it by looking but it was interesting to look at the map when doing a speed test. We did notice the closer you got to the visitors center, the better the cell service was, which makes sense since that is the direction of the cell tower. There was enough service to work for us. 

There is a paid campground closer to the water than the boondocking area. Just before the entrance to the campground, you’ll find a dump station. At the time we visited, it was a $10 fee to dump but fresh water and trash were available for free. 

If you’re looking for a quiet, beautiful area to stay in and visit the surrounding areas, you’ll love Strawberry Reservoir. 

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