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Free Camping in Idaho ~ 5 Epic Boondocking Areas!

If you’re looking for some amazing boondocking suggestions, you’ve found them! In 2016, when we first decided to go full-time in our RV, we were told we’d never be able to boondock in our size RV. I was out to prove the naysayers wrong. In 2018 we spent a total of $48 on camping fees for the whole year. You can read that blog here! 

Idaho has proven to be one of our favorite places. With waterfalls, hiking, kayaking, and amazing snow-capped mountains most of the year, there is so much to explore. We spent so much time in Idaho this year, and there are some amazing free places to boondock, and we wanted to share them with you!

Check out just a few of our epic finds in Idaho!

Milner Historical Recreation Area – Murtaugh, ID

This place is actually not totally free. But well worth the amazing views and the $5 a night!

There are bathrooms, dumpsters, and peace and quiet. In this particular spot, (GPS location on the picture) we had room for 2 big rigs. We had a friend come join us for a few days. So if you’re traveling with friends, this is the perfect spot. 

Hayspur Hatchery – Near Carey, ID

You can say up to 16 days here. It’s very highly monitored. When you arrive, your license plate will be taken and the camp host does keep track. It’s a beautiful area, and very central to a lot of places. Cell phone service is great for those that work. It does get a little busy on the weekends, but for the most part during the week is very quiet. 

Bell Rapids Access – Near Hagerman, ID. 

Easy access, 10-day maximum stay, flat, paved, and scenic. Bell Rapid’s Access, and if you like to Kayak or have a boat, you have free access here!

Look at that view!! GPS: 42.7932413. -114.9361663. Also, there is real clean pit toilets here, and trash (very small cans for small amounts of trash) is available

Henry’s Lake – Fremont County, ID

Loved this area! Most amazing views! The problem we had was we arrived during Midge Fly hatching, and there were actually so many that they chanced us out. They don’t bite. They don’t sting, but there were billions of them to a point you couldn’t really talk outside without them flying in your mouth.

We thought after a few days the hatching would be over but ended up leaving for a new spot a little farther away from the lake due to the Midge Flies. Still worth checking out again for sure!

Near Henry’s Lake – ID

While running from Midge Flies, our friends found this amazing place. It’s just a couple of miles from where we stayed at Henry’s Lake, but no bugs, no flies, and a quiet, end-of-the-road place. We did have a few off-road vehicles come up the road, and realize they couldn’t go any farther. But that didn’t bother us at all. Most waved if we were outside, and then just left. The road getting up here was a bit rutted, and both us and our friends straddled the road with our RV coming up. 

Need some help with where to find resources while boondocking? Check out our blog post about that here. 

Here are a few of our favorite items to help us live comfortably while boondocking. Yes, it takes preparation and some money upfront. But when you’re spending less than $100 a year in camping fees (and you’re finding amazing places too) we completely think it’s worth it. 

Water Bladder – Folds up to the size of a coffee table book when we aren’t using it. 

Water Filters from RV Water Filter Store – We would not be without these! Our water being clean is our number one most important thing!! We’ve used these for 2 years and we’ve never been happier.

Water Thief – If we run into a situation where we find a broken spigot. Best $5 we’ve spent! (Update: this is out of stock on Amazon but put it on your wish list, and you’ll be notified when it’s available).

Andersen Levelers – These are great for when you are off level 2 degrees or more. In June of 2019 we broke one of our Andersen’s. They were 2 years old, and contacted the company, sent a picture of the broken one, and they replaced it in less than 7 days. Free! That’s amazing customer service. Update: In early 2022 we again broke a set of these levelers, and they replaced the set again. We are very happy with these still!

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