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Norwex for RV’ers

This isn’t your typical home-based business, nor do I sell Norwex. I’m just a really happy customer who did a lot of research for you. Why? Because I’m naturally skeptical, and I don’t let go of my money easily for things I don’t research first!

What is Norwex?

Norwex is a home-based company, yes! But the products are about chemical-free, healthy living. The items you purchase from Norwex will seriously change your travel life. As silly as that sounds, it’s true! When we first purchased our Norwex towels, face cloths, and other items, they were just towels. No big deal. I quickly noticed a difference! And after 3 years of using them now, I’ll never use another towel, dishcloths, hand towels, etc. Why? Check out this news story where it was tested in a lab!

Why Norwex?

Silver! That’s why! Norwex Microfiber contains silver ions that kill the growth and spread of bacteria. Bacteria cannot reproduce. So, when you clean a surface, then hang the Norwex Microfibre cloth back up, the silver ions are inactivating any bacteria inside. But wait! That doesn’t mean you don’t wash them! But you will notice they will never smell. I typically wash our towels and clothes once a week, sometimes 9-10 days (living full time in our RV means we get to pick laundry day … and I still hate it). Even in hot, humid Florida where nothing dries, ever … I didn’t have a smell on our towels ever.

Third Party Testing Labs

The science part. Norwex hires third-party testing labs to test the effectiveness of what they claim. These lab tests show that the microfiber removes 99% of bacteria from the surface. Lab testing was also done to make sure there was no cross-contamination. Tests demonstrate that you don’t have to worry about cross-contamination, as the microfiber is holding on to everything it picks up until you wash it. Wait, what? Cleaning … with water?

So I’m not here to give you a big sales pitch. Remember, I don’t sell it! I’m just really confident you’ll love the product! And I want to share that with you! I also won’t tell you that every single item I’ve purchased has been the best. There are a few things I have purchased I simply have not liked! But what I will tell you is if you’re looking for the perfect items for your small RV that will change your way of thinking about towels, sheets, washcloths, hand towels, and more, you will love Norwex. Try it!! Buy a couple of enviro-clothes for your kitchen, or one bath towel, and I promise you, you won’t go back!

My 5 Favorite Products

Guess what?

I’m having a Norwex party! For every person who purchases from my party I will send you a personalized postcard from our latest travels! I’m super confident you’ll love Norwex! Can I just say for a man, Justin loves our Norwex products. That in itself says a lot! He never really notices too much, and he very well could be the next spokesman for Norwex! Ha!

Whether you purchase from me (or a friend or family member who sells it), just do it! You won’t regret it. And .. you get a postcard from us! WOOP WOOP! You’ll have to send me a mailing address, though! Don’t forget!

1 thought on “Norwex for RV’ers”

  1. Hi! I love Norwex too and am an avid camper! I have discovered so many camping uses for the products! Here are good reasons to check out Norwex:
    1. The mop. Sold! Telescopic handle can clean the outside of the camper as well as inside floors. Small footprint for taking along. Several choices for mop heads for picking up that sand and dirt!
    2. Enviro-cloth. Used for all clean ups and has an amazing ability to clean up dirt. Rinse it out and keep going!
    3. Bath towels. Game changer. They dry quickly and can be used many times before needing to be laundered. Space savers and odor control!
    4. Why use cleaning products with fumes in a small space? Norwex has no toxic fumes. Even the oven cleaner! And most campers do not have self cleaning ovens, so spray and wait 20 minutes, wipe it clean. No fumes.
    5. When you use Norwex products, you quickly discover more uses as you become familiar with these environmentally friendly products. Fewer chemicals, healthier living.

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