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The Most Unique (and Useful) RV Products You’ll Love

Before we sold everything and decided to downside our 2200 square foot house into a 39″ fifth wheel, I never thought of going tiny, and frankly thought to trade in the full-size version for a tiny version was wasteful. Over the last 5 years here are some of the best items I’ve traded down to. I’m super lucky to have so much storage in my RV, and I didn’t have to give up every full-size item, but here are a few of my favorites!

In the Kitchen

Nesting Measuring Spoons – Yeah, I know measuring spoons don’t need to be downsized. And I fought it for a long time. But I can’t express enough how great it is that someone made spoons that fit into the spice containers! This set includes 6 spoons, measuring from 1/8 tsp. to 1 tablespoon. I promise you’ll thank me!

Olive Oil Sprayer – I have several of these. They are super handy and fit in my small spice cabinet. I went one step further and labeled mine with this very handy label maker we have.

Veggie Spiral Cutter – I love making Zucchini noodles and this tiny one definitely does the trick! Super great for use in tiny homes!

How often have you set up your food outside, only to return and a few flies have gotten to it? Yuck! I’m a little picky about that, and I absolutely love and use these little food tents. When we go to a potluck, I have gotten so many compliments from these! Stores tiny and keeps the bugs off your food!

Utensil Rest – Back in my homeowner days, I had a simple spoon rest. But always thought they were just too small. Then I found this!! No more paper towels on the counter holding all my utensils while I cook! Not only do they come in amazing colors, but it’s really inexpensive!

Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Yeah, I know! But hear me out! I have had so many of these water bottles throughout the years. One for hiking, one for this, and one for that. This one is my all-in-one! I’ve been through about 6 different water bottles; this is my favorite. Make sure you buy it with the paracord handle – you won’t regret it! Also, please don’t skimp! This brand (HydroCell) is my favorite! My water stays cold for 12 hours or more! It’s amazing!

Utensil Storage – How many of you brought your old plastic silverware container into your RV, and it didn’t fit in the drawer? I’m raising my hand!! I actually saw this at my youngest daughter’s small apartment and immediately fell in love with it!

When the kids were little, I would cut apple slices for them so they didn’t bite into the apple core. I wish I had known about this! I’m sure they were out there, but this is one of our most used kitchen tools. This apple corer is the exact brand I have had now for years, and love it.

This coffee maker has by far been our favorite. For a boondocking family, it’s perfect! It turns on, makes the coffee, and turns off. No hotplate cycling and our coffee stays hot!

We also have a french press and we consider ourselves coffee snobs because, yes, we indeed grind our own beans too! Yum!

You can see more of our Kitchen favorites here: RV Accessories for the Kitchen and Our Top RV Kitchen Gadgets and The Best Tips for Organizing Your RV Stuff

In the Bathroom

I have so many bathroom tips and ideas! I’m a minimalist, but these simple ideas can help keep your small space organized! These may be things you’ve never thought of!

Shower track cleaner. I didn’t have the same problems in my house as I do in my RV shower. LOVE this little tool!

The last thing I want to do is turn on a bright light when getting up in the middle of the night. This little mushroom light might be great for kids’ rooms too, but we use it in the bathroom at night. Saves the eyes for sure! And battery-operated. I’ve changed the batteries for this one time in 5 years now. We love ours!

This amazing mirror is on my wish list for sure! When I first saw it, I knew it was definitely something I wanted to install in my bathroom. Since I remodeled my bathroom, it’s become even more of a want! Let me know if you have something similar and if you like it!!

If you want to see my bathroom remodel, check it out here: Simple DIY RV Renovation. You can also find more RV bathroom accessories here: RV Accessories for the Bathroom

The Bedroom

The bedroom is always our hardest place to keep simple yet intimate and cozy. Here are a few things we love!

Shiplap Peel and Stick wallpaper – We removed our headboard and covered our back wall with this! We love how it turned out!

Pinched Pleat Duvet Cover – I try really hard to keep our bedroom not too flowery and girly. It’s hard for me because I am very feminine, but this is perfect for both of us!

Simple hanging plant to give a comfortable feeling.

We have so many more helpful and unique tips for your RV, tiny home or small spaces, and we hope you check out some of our other blogs too. Traveling full time in our tiny home has taught us how to keep the things we really love, in just smaller packages. Let me know what some of the things you found to be helpful! We’d love to hear from you!

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