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The Best 30+ RV Hacks!

2023 Updated: We’ve been on the road, traveling, and living in our RV for over seven years. Almost eight years ago, we decided to sell our two homes and move into our RV to travel full-time. Our new home on wheels needed to have some clever organization, and I was on a mission to find it. But, I had a really hard time finding some practical, inexpensive, innovative storage ideas. So I’m here to share our ideas with you!

In The Bathroom

We are lucky to have a pretty big bathroom when it comes to RV’s, but definitely use the wall space you have. The wall is prime real estate for storing items that would otherwise take up valuable floor space.

You can install a hanging toiletry bag and hang it on the back of the door or purchase a shower caddy that hangs from a towel rack.

You can also install shelves and attach them to the wall to store larger items like shampoo and conditioner bottles. Here are a few ideas we’ve personally used or had friends use.

  • Toothbrush Holder
  • Second Choice Toothbrush Holder
  • Wall Mounted Towel Holder (can also be used as wine rack – maybe drink wine in the bathroom! Ha!)
  • Over the Door Storage (Not for pocket doors but you can take off the door hangers and just mount to the wall)
  • Wire Basket (wait … here me out! We took one of these, attached it with a Command Hook on each end, and it holds a lot of miscellaneous stuff. Including a place to hang your jewelry and watches while you shower. These hooks hold a lot of weight!
  • Towel Holders (again, you can easily hang these with Command Hooks. Just make sure you use the correct weight hooks)
  • Baskets for Towels (think of these turned so the bottom is against the wall. Again, another great use for Command Strips. Just make sure you get the really good ones that hold weight, and maneuver the hooks through the wicker in the basket, and stack your towels inside. These were my favorite. I actually purchased an additional set for my bedroom)
  • Hand Towel Holder (We’ve had this hanging in our bathroom for 3 solid years. It’s never come down, and looks like the day we bought it!) You can see it in our pictures here: Simple DIY RV Renovation
  • Shower Mirror (for the hubby who shaves in the shower. We love ours!)
  • Need somewhere to hang dry some clothes? Take a tension rod long enough to stretch the length of your shower, and you have an easy place to dry your clothes. Plus a tension rod is small to store!
  • Keep things from falling out of your medicine cabinet with tension rods – Make sure you measure your own area!

In the Kitchen

  • Wall Mounted Dispenser (these are fantastic! Great for snacks for kids, cereal, or any dry goods. Use your imagination! So many uses)
  • Flour/Sugar Storage (I actually use these for so many different baking storage containers. Don’t forget ~ An RV isn’t airtight, and there may be a time when you get a mouse or two, so keep all your food in storage containers. ALL of it! Take my word for it!)
  • Food Storage (you know when you order what looks like a great deal and then you get 40 storage containers that fit a grain of rice and the one big one you need? This set actually has nice big storage containers for your pasta, and other items. You won’t regret these!)
  • Tea Storage (We drink a lot of hot tea in the colder months, and this is a great idea instead of having a bunch of flimsy cardboard boxes of tea)
  • CHECK THIS OUT!!! A magnetic organizer for the refer! What we loved the most – Nothing falls out! What does that mean? You can travel with this in place! We highly suggest getting a few more magnets. We purchased these heavy duty magnets which we used in several projects.
  • Pasta/Dry Goods Storage (again, I can’t stress enough to keep your food in airtight storage contains from the beginning. We learned the hard way when an uninvited family of mice took residence in our pantry and we ended up throwing away so much food!! We keep all our oatmeal, pasta, etc in these. Never leave anything in the cardboard box it came in from the store)
  • Cream & Sugar Dispenser Set (not the prettiest out there, but we love our glass holders, and they are airtight.)
  • Spice Cabinet (oh boy! Did we go through a lot of different spice cabinet things. We’ve now had these over a year, and they are perfect! Don’t fall for all the fancy RV spice holders. They really don’t work well!) Check out our blog here on our Spice Cabinet Rehab!
  • Refrigerator Organizing (we bought a ton of these Design baskets. One of the best quality, the best solutions we have found. We’ve been using them for over a year now and they make everything in our Refer organized. MEASURE YOUR OWN spaces. They have so many sizes, and you want to make sure you get the ones that fit your areas! We use these in the bathroom drawers in different sizes, our spice cabinet, etc. We love these!)
  • Tension Rod Shelf (these were probably one of the biggest lifesavers for us! We have these in the kitchen because our RV gave us nice tall storage cabinets but not enough shelves. We tried cheap ideas, but during travel, things weren’t staying in place. We’ve been using these for over a year and have never had any problems with them! Plus, they are simple to remove. No screws, no adhesive! Measure – and then measure again! (Not all cabinets are the same.)
  • Shelf Liner (I also use round velcro dots to hold the liner in place)
  • BEST HACK! Put these curtain rod ring/clips over a tension rod, and hang your “anything” on them. You can use these in the kitchen pantry, the closet for hats, the kid’s area for toys, etc. The possibilities are endless!

In the Bedroom

  • Wall Caddy (low profile – works on a slide wall)
  • Command Wall Caddy (we have several of these. Can be used anywhere)
  • Seasonal Clothes storage (in our RV, we have storage under our bed, and these fit perfect. Keeps our seasonal clothes clean, dust free and organized)
  • Velcro (ok, I know! Silly right? We put a strip of velcro on the back of our TV remote and stuck it to the wall next to the TV. You can obviously put it where it’s convenient for you. We personally don’t watch TV in the bedroom, so that remote control has been up there since the day we bought the RV)
  • Tension Rods and more Tension Rods (we use these for so many things. You can use them for holding trash bags and paper towels, even making a shelf out of putting 2 or 3 next to each other and putting a basket on top.

There are so many suggestions, hacks, and ideas for inexpensive storage ideas. Some of these things you might be able to make yourself if you have time. We have several helpful blog posts on organizing your RV! If you’re a newbie and need some great ideas, you’ll definitely find them here! We wished we could have found a list of ideas when we were looking many years ago. I hope this helps you, and we’d love to hear your favorite RV hack!

Here are some other blog posts on organizing we think you’ll love! You’ll see lots of pictures of our organizing tips, ideas, and suggestions. Happy travels!!

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