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Our Top RV Kitchen Gadgets

There’s a saying that if your small space is organized, with everything easy to find and use, you’ll be more productive. This is especially true when packing your RV; the last thing you want is to buy unnecessary items or forget something important. Cooking in an RV is a unique experience. Even if you have a large kitchen like mine, it’s different from a traditional home. Storage space is limited, so you must prioritize what’s truly essential.

I’m not sure if Justin and I are true minimalists, but we definitely keep only what we need in the kitchen. When I started this journey, I brought a few large items with me. After nine months on the road without using them, I gave them to our daughter during a Thanksgiving visit. Every family has different needs, and I’m here to share a list of items we use and love in our kitchen.

Whoever invented collapsible things is an angel in my book! Almost everything I have is collapsible, and I can honestly say the stuff I have bought, has been used quite a lot, and is in perfect condition. Even 4 years later.

I wanted to share a quick video of a makeover we did on our theater seats cup holder. 

I hope my list of things helps you! When I was preparing for full-time RV life, I was very lost. I had piles and piles of things and just not sure where to start or what to keep. In the 4 years, we’ve now lived on the road, I have learned a lot. I hope my advice helps you.  

I thought I would have to give up my salad spinner! I didn’t! 

Skip the collapsible mixing bowls! Ask me how I know! If you’re one who uses mixing bowls, pick up a great nesting set like this. I purchased a collapsible bowl set and failed to carefully examine the sizes. I’m pretty sure my cereal bowls are bigger.


I don’t recommend collapsible measuring cups. They really don’t save all that much room, and I don’t think they measure correctly. Get one good set and don’t keep duplicates.

NO MORE hard brown sugar!!! 

Best. Invention. Ever! Ha! Lugging around a large pasta strainer is no more!!

This fits perfectly in my pantry! It allows me to stack “up” in my pantry without adding another shelf. Vertical storage is the key in an RV

Pretty self-explanatory. Keeps your cereal fresh and the bugs and mice out!

I have several of these. They hold my jello, puddings, granola bars, packages of mixes for chili or stew. They are very useful for organizing a pantry. 

There isn’t an RVer that I know of who hasn’t ended up with a mouse or two in their RV. I would say I’m on the verge of being a clean freak, but yes, we had a mouse family of 5 move in when we were in Montana a few years ago. They got into so much of our dry goods. So that’s when I went “all plastic container”. Here is a helpful tip for keeping them out. 

  • Peppermint oil – I use oils to diffuse in my house, which is pretty expensive. So I bought this brand to mix with water and a few drops of dish soap to spray outside around my RV. It’s natural, won’t hurt the environment, and … mice (and other rodents) hate the smell of peppermint. It’s probably not super high quality based on the price, but it WORKS GREAT for what we need it for. 

Plastic containers. You know how you order a set of plastic containers, and you get 1 big one and 10 little ones that might hold a bag of M&M’s? I hate that!! I ordered these two items below and got the sizes I really needed.

Again, watch the sizes when ordering. I hate it when I order something like this and get tiny little non-usable storage containers. This has many big, usable containers. My only complaint is that I dropped two of these once, and both of them cracked. They are made of very hard plastic, so they do crack if dropped. I’d still buy them again! 

Whew … you got all that? If you check out our other blogs about organizing your whole RV, you might find some other tips and tricks too. 

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    1. WOW! Thank you for taking the time to say so. I remember when we were trying to find information on full time RVing and how to set up our trailer and where to go and what to see and where to camp, and it was almost impossible. I’m trying little by little to cover all those things. Glad you got some valuable information from it. Have a great week!

    1. We cook a lot in our RV. Just like we did at home. And it doesn’t smell. Actually, food smells seemed to stay in our regular house longer than our RV. We also tend to stay in “warmer” climates so our windows and doors are always open with fresh air coming in. Plus we have a fan which sucks out the air. I am kind of a neat freak so having my house smell “other than good” would drive me insane. Don’t worry about it … just live!! Cook, bake, whatever you would normally do you can do in your RV.

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