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My Top 6 Photography Tips

First let me say I don’t consider myself a professional photographer. Although last time I looked, you didn't need a degree to consider yourself a professional. You just need the passion, and a few skills. So what makes someone a professional? I'm not sure! But I've heard it's when you've been paid for your photography ...… Continue reading My Top 6 Photography Tips

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Resolutions Are Like Graffiti

Resolutions are like Graffiti. They can be beautiful. They can also be destructive, distracting, messy, confusing and overwhelmingly disappointing. Stacy Ford Hear me out before you think I’ve gone a little cray cray here.  We don’t make goals or resolutions. “Opting Out of Normal” ya know! Living a life of no goals? What? You must think… Continue reading Resolutions Are Like Graffiti

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Geo-What? What is Geocaching, and How Does it Work? Bringing Free and Family Fun Together.

What is Geocaching? It's a super fun world wide scavenger hunt that is amazingly fun for kids and adults alike. Gets you outside in nature and lets you find treasures that are placed all over the US and world.