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What To Do With Photos When Downsizing


What Do You Do With All Those Photos?

In the last 6 + years of traveling, one of the biggest questions we get has been about stuff and how to downsize. Some of the most sentimental things are photographs. What do you do with hundreds, maybe even tens of thousands of photos, negatives, and old family heirloom photos? This is something very possibly our children will never have to experience. With everything digital now, everything is kept on small storage devices from the beginning. But before digital, I had film, negatives, tintype, and slides. 

I (Stacy) was raised by my grandparents. So there was a generation gap there. I was left with thousands of old photos, slides, and pictures. A lot of people I’d never met. But never the less part of my past. Then I got married, had 2 beautiful daughters, traveled for 20 years on active duty military, and took thousands of pictures on film. Meaning I had thousands of negatives. 

Here are some helpful tips on what worked for us!

Should You Get Rid of Your Pictures? 

Yes and no! Going through pictures took me a solid 4 months. I devoted many weekends to sitting down and dividing pictures into two piles. Keep, and throw away.

What is this?

Yes, I threw some away. There were pictures I had no idea even what it was, let alone what it was supposed to be when I took them. I remember thinking Why did I keep this? Pictures of my thumb in the way or what looked like a TV in the background at a weird angle (possibly the camera sitting on my lap was accidentally clicked). I would get them developed, put them into a box, and that’s where they stayed. How many of you can relate?

After weeks of going through picture by picture, I then had one big pile of keepers. I then started this process all over again. Five photos of the same thing weren’t needed. I carefully picked out the best one (maybe two) and again my pile got smaller. 

Storing the Pictures You’re Keeping

So now what? Do you have a big pile of pictures to carry in an RV or store in a small space? So after you read the above sentence, you’re probably thinking, I have very few pictures now, right? Wrong! First off, I love photography, and second, I’m a mom, and third I’m a “daughter” who was left hundreds and hundreds of family photos. So what did I do? I packed them all in a box and shipped them to Scan Cafe to be scanned. Yes, this can be done yourself, but how many hours and hours do you really want to spend scanning one photo at a time? Both Justin and I worked full time, had our last daughter still at home very active in school sports, plus we were still trying to go through and sell 99% of our household items and the bottom line was we simply did not have time to do this ourselves. I do not have an affiliate with, nor am I paid from Scan Cafe. I’m just a pleased customer. I know there are several companies out there that do similar scanning but after quite a bit of research, I loved the fact that every old, faded photo was corrected and color fixed for free! About 6 weeks after I mailed my first box of negatives and pictures, I received a link to view them online. I then went through them all one more time and picked the ones I wanted to be saved in high quality on discs and sent back to me. They even returned all the original pictures and negatives. 

So what’s the point if you still have all those pictures and negatives?

What’s the Point?

There really was a point! I’m now organized, and I’ll bet I threw away hundreds of photos that were similar to the ones above, of something I couldn’t even recognize. I don’t know why we keep some of the things we do. But I personally could not throw these originals away. We threw away, donated, and sold 99% of our stuff. Pictures were not in the deal! Ha, But I sure had a whole lot less, and now I have them saved digitally as well. That was a pretty big accomplishment in my book! Someday, down the line, I will leave these to my girls and my grandkids, and I’ll let them figure it out. I won’t be leaving them a huge house of “stuff” to go through, just a few boxes of pictures that I hope bring a smile to their face. But with them all organized and now on discs saved digitally, I felt I could now carry these discs with me in my fire-safe box. 100 years of pictures saved on discs that I can fit in my fire safe box? WOW! 

What did I actually do with all those originals I did keep?

What Did I Do With All Those Originals I Kept?

I organized them yet one more time into sizes and bought some of these very durable, sturdy, plastic photo storage boxes. (Please do yourself a favor and don’t buy the typical paper/cardboard boxes I see out there to store these precious photos!) These photo storage containers hold so many photos!! I bought six of them. Yes, six! In one of them, I took out all the dividers and put all the larger pictures inside. These boxes are acid-free, and though I don’t know if they claim to be completely airtight, I do believe they are pretty safe in these. These also come in a pack of three (here) if you’re ordering them in bulk.

Pictures were definitely the hardest thing for me to let go of. Once you decide you’re going to start this process, take it slow! I know for our over-scheduled weekends, I would pull out one box of pictures early on Saturday morning when everyone else was still in bed, and I’d go through pictures while drinking my coffee. Those were precious times for me! I smiled, cried, and laughed. I remembered things I had forgotten. Think in terms of one box at a time, and it will get done. I promise!

How Much Did This Cost Me?

First let me say that before I decided to send my items out to be scanned, I weighed all the options. I looked at scanners, negative scanners, at least five different companies online, and ultimately this was the best option for me. I also started this process very early in the timeline of downsizing. So I had time. I could do this on weekends when it was raining/snowing or early in the mornings when no other plans were happening. Below is a screenshot of what my costs were. You may have more photos. You may have less. I did mine in 3 different stages with Scan Cafe. Also, remember these were prices a few years ago (dates on screenshot).

I’d love you to share your ideas for preserving your photos!

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Embracing Freedom: Transitioning from Living in a Home to Living in an RV

In recent years, a growing number of adventurous souls have embraced a lifestyle that offers the ultimate freedom: living in an RV by choice. Leaving behind the conventional trappings of a stationary home, they embark on a journey to explore the world with the open road as their guide. This blog will delve into the reasons behind this lifestyle shift, its benefits, and essential tips for a successful transition. If you’ve ever dreamed of embracing a life of wanderlust, read on to discover why transitioning to an RV might be the perfect choice for you.

The Allure of Life on Wheels

Living in an RV represents a radical departure from the norm, (hence our chosen name of Opting Out of Normal) but what entices people to make this unique lifestyle choice? One of the primary attractions is the freedom to go wherever your heart desires. With no ties to a permanent location, you can wake up to breathtaking landscapes, embrace new cultures, and experience unforgettable adventures on a whim. The allure of exploration and spontaneity is a major driving force for many RV enthusiasts.

From Complicated to Simple

Actually, we didn’t even look at our life as complicated. That is until we looked back on it after becoming a full-time RVer. Transitioning to an RV lifestyle compels individuals to declutter and adopt minimalism. Downsizing possessions and embracing a simpler life not only makes it easier to fit into a smaller living space but also promotes a sense of liberation from material attachments. Minimalism fosters mindfulness, reducing stress, and enhancing focus on experiences rather than possessions.

Financial Freedom – Sort of!

This is always a heated topic! Your bills are your bills – no matter where you live. Please read our blog here: How Much Does it Cost To RV Full-Time? Owning and maintaining a traditional home can be a significant financial burden. Transitioning to an RV lifestyle often leads to substantial cost savings. From reduced utility bills to eliminating property taxes, living in an RV can free up funds for other pursuits, such as traveling to new destinations, pursuing hobbies, or investing in personal growth. However, if you choose to live in expensive RV parks, and travel long and fast, this really could be your downfall in your finances. Again, please go read our version above on how we saved a lot of money and the reasons we did.

Embracing Nature and Adventure

For nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, RV living is an unparalleled way to connect with the great outdoors. Waking up amidst majestic mountains, beside serene lakes, or on sandy beaches becomes a regular occurrence. The RV lifestyle encourages the exploration of national parks, hidden gems, and off-the-beaten-path locations, fostering a deep appreciation for nature’s wonders.

Our favorite type of travel is definitely finding those hidden gems. We did an entire series of finding hidden gems in every state. You can check that out here: Off the Beaten Path in Every State! Hidden Secrets in the Lower 48!

Community and Camaraderie

Contrary to the perception of solitude, RV living fosters a strong sense of community. We’ve met so many of our now closest friends (road family) through RVing. RV parks and campgrounds are vibrant hubs where like-minded individuals share stories, and tips, and form lasting friendships. The sense of camaraderie among fellow travelers creates a support system that enriches the journey.

Tips for a Successful Transition

  • Research and Plan: Thoroughly research different types of RVs, their amenities, and maintenance requirements. Create a budget that considers both upfront costs and ongoing expenses, including fuel, insurance, and campground fees. You can see our total budget for a year here: How Much Does it Cost To RV Full-Time? and here: Boondocking ~ How We Spent $48 on Camping Fees For the Whole Year
  • Downsize Thoughtfully: Take time to declutter and downsize your belongings. Keep essentials, sentimental items, and things that truly bring joy. Consider storage options for items you can’t part with but won’t need daily. After a year and then two and then three (you get the picture) we kept downsizing. All those things we thought we needed in year one, we didn’t. You can read some great tips here: What To Do With Sentimental Items When Downsizing
  • Test the Waters: Why were our seven years on the road successful? Because we spent 20 years prior owning an RV and taking weekends, vacations and extended trips in it. Understanding it, knowing the limitations and the freedoms it allowed. Before committing fully, consider renting an RV for a short trip. This will help you determine if the lifestyle suits your preferences and needs. We highly recommend this. More than once. Full-time RVing isn’t for everyone. Figure that out before you feel like it was a big mistake, and a big financial hit.
  • Stay Organized: With limited space, organization is critical. Invest in storage solutions and develop habits to keep your RV tidy and clutter-free. Check out some of our organizing tips here: The Best Tips for Organizing Your RV Stuff and The Best 30+ RV Hacks! and 31 More Must-Have RV Accessories
  • Embrace Flexibility: This is huge, and our biggest tip. Be open to unexpected experiences and changes in plans. Embracing flexibility will make your journey more enjoyable and less stressful. Don’t expect every trip to be blissful, and go as planned. If it does go as planned, consider yourself lucky! Laugh about it! If something breaks, being angry and upset doesn’t solve the problem. It just makes for a miserable time. Things break in an average house too. Just go with it, fix it, and move on.
  • Learn RV Maintenance: Another huge tip! You need to know about your RV and just be handy all together. Understanding basic RV maintenance is crucial. Attend workshops or seek advice from experienced RV owners to ensure your home on wheels is well-maintained. Luckily for us, one of us is very handy and the other is better at organizing. I’ll just leave that right there.
  • Like Each Other: Of course, you love your significant other. But do you like them? It seems like a funny question, but you must be best friends to make this work. Set ground rules and have common goals. If one doesn’t like the full-time RV life, then no questions asked, find something else together. It’s so important to set these ground rules upfront.

Transitioning from living in a home to living in an RV as your home is a transformative experience that offers a unique blend of freedom, adventure, and connection with nature and community. Embracing the simplicity of RV life, you can find financial freedom, explore new horizons, and unlock the joy of living on the open road. With careful planning and a spirit of adventure, this nomadic lifestyle can become the most rewarding chapter of your life’s journey. Chapters and pages are meant to be turned. Nothing is forever. Just try it! So, are you ready to hit the road and let the winds of wanderlust guide you? Happy travels!

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Are We Planning Life or Living Life? Full-Time RV Life

Have you ever felt like life is passing you by? Like there must be more to life than just the daily grind of work, commute, and obligations? For many people, the idea of selling their home and traveling full-time is a dream that seems unattainable. However, for us, it became a reality.

In today’s fast-paced world, many of us find ourselves caught up in the daily grind, constantly planning for the future without thoroughly enjoying the present. But what if we could break free from the monotony, sell our home, and embark on an adventure of a lifetime? That’s exactly what we decided to do – sell our home and embrace full-time RV travel. In this blog post, we’ll delve into our decision-making process, the benefits of RV living, and how it has transformed our lives.

The Decision To Sell

After our youngest went off to college, we realized that we were spending too much time and energy maintaining a large home, focusing on material possessions, and constantly planning for the future. Every weekend was planned out by Wednesday. Can you relate? We yearned for a sense of freedom and flexibility that traditional living couldn’t provide. Selling our home and downsizing to an RV seemed like the perfect solution to break free from the chains of conformity. Were we crazy? Was this even attainable?

Embracing Minimalism

Living in an RV requires downsizing and embracing a minimalist lifestyle. We carefully evaluated our possessions, separating what was truly essential from the clutter that had accumulated over the years. By letting go of unnecessary material belongings, we gained a newfound appreciation for experiences and memories rather than material possessions. Was it hard? Absolutely! However, we kept the main goal in mind and found that we still had the memories, even without the stuff. You can read our blog here for more information on What To Do With Sentimental Items When Downsizing

Benefits of Full-Time RV Travel

One of the most exciting aspects of full-time RV travel is the ability to explore new places at your own pace. We have the freedom to choose our destinations, discover hidden gems, and immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature. Every day, from majestic mountains to serene lakeshores, brings a new adventure and a fresh perspective on life. We adopted the motto that we would eat when we are hungry and sleep when we were tired. In a fast-paced world, that’s unheard of! We also knew we’d make mistakes, there would be life detours and last-minute changes. Flexibility is the key to making this adventure a positive experience.

Cost-Effective Lifestyle

Living in an RV provides ample opportunities to meet fellow travelers and build meaningful connections. Living in our traditional home, we were extremely occupied with work, which left us with no chance to socialize with friends. However, during our travels, we have had the chance to meet people from various backgrounds, forming a varied and encouraging community of friends whom we fondly call our road family. Sharing stories, tips, and experiences with like-minded individuals has enriched our journey and made it even more rewarding. Check out our detailed blog where we kept track of our entire year of finances here: How Much Does it Cost To RV Full-Time?

Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

Full-time RV travel has presented us with countless opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery. Stepping out of our comfort zones, we have faced new challenges, developed problem-solving skills, and embraced a sense of adaptability. We have become more self-reliant, open-minded, and resilient individuals, constantly learning and evolving along the way.

Life Chapters

Life is what you make it, right? Our life is based on the decisions we make at whatever given point in time we make them. But life is also about chapters. Choosing to sell our home and embrace full-time RV travel has been a life-changing decision. By prioritizing experiences over possessions, we have discovered the joy of living in the present moment. So, are we planning life or living life? We can confidently say that we are living life to the fullest.

After 7 Years of Full-Time RV Living – What’s Next?

So what’s next for us? After the significant changes to travel in 2020, we were presented with the opportunity to open Panels Up Solar. And after just our first year in business, we outgrew our building. Justin has worked with RV Solar since 2017, and it’s been a busy, amazing and incredible two years so far. We certainly aren’t done traveling, but remember I mentioned chapters above? Well, this is our chapter right now. To help others live more freely and enjoy the serenity and freedom that solar and energy solutions on their RV bring to their life. We know how much it enhanced our experience, and it was time to share it.

Next week we close on a tiny house on a large piece of property. Where our two new puppies can run and play, and we can enjoy the hot summer days of MS in a pool. Will we continue to travel? Absolutely! It will just look a little different for a while. It’s your turn! So we are here to support you!

In conclusion, our hope for everyone is that whatever your dream is, you find a way to attain it. It just takes small steps to get there. It won’t happen overnight. But if you stay focused and determined, you’ll get there! You got this!!

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Thank you for visiting our little corner of the internet. Live Simply! Give More! Expect Less!

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What To Do With Sentimental Items When Downsizing

You got rid of what?

When we were downsizing to live and travel full-time in our RV, we got so many questions on this topic. What do you do with Grandma’s punch bowl from the 1940s? Or the old pictures that were passed down? Well, I’m going to tell you what we did. There is no right or wrong answer here. I’m going to share what worked for us, and maybe you’ll get some ideas of your own out of our suggestions. 

I (Stacy) am an only child, raised by my grandparents. So, there was a generation gap there, and I also was left all the stuff when they passed away. Can I just say I’m glad, as a society, we’ve graduated from the doily stage? Ha! I think my grandma had everything in the house on top of a doily. So what did I do with everything in that vast, 4 bedrooms, 2-car garage house? My memories aren’t in “stuff”. If you’re keeping the stuff because it was just Grandma’s but really didn’t use it, and it is just sitting there only because it was Grandma’s, I’d like to offer you alternative ways to “remember it.”  

The Stuff

If it means something to you, and not simply “it was grandmas”, and you actually have fond memories surrounding it, why not take a few beautiful pictures of that punch bowl, old desk, or the porcelain doll she so cared about? If those items bring you memories by looking at them, then get those pictures printed out, put them into a beautiful scrapbook, and write that memory down next to the picture. That’s much smaller than any item. Imagine how those memories or stories can be passed down now! And then imagine the joy of passing that item on to someone who will really use it. Either in your own family or bless another family with it. You can do this with hundreds of items. If you have 100 pictures of 100 items, which one is smaller?

The beautiful heavy punch bowl of my grandma’s was something that I actually don’t remember seeing … ever … in our house. It was tucked away in a dark deep cabinet and I found it after she passed. I had it looked at for value, and it was simply a very heavy, worthless, punch bowl. One that I would never use. So along with thousands of other things, I donated them, or dropped them off at the auction house in town and made a few dollars. None of my memories have anything to do with the stuff. All my memories have everything to do with moments. Stories. Time spent together. Vacations we took. Holidays we were together. Stories at night before bed. Not punch bowls and old macrame owls hanging on the wall (tell me someone remembers those! Ha!)


I had 100+ years of pictures passed down to me. This was such an important part of downsizing for me, that I actually did a whole blog about it. Pictures are so important! Follow the link below and I promise you’ll get some great ideas from what I did to downsize our pictures.

Click here to read What To Do With Photos When Downsizing

Now that you have smaller amounts of stuff and all your priceless pictures are saved on a disc smaller than the palm of your hand, what are you waiting for? Get out there and make more memories! You don’t need that old macrame owl or 400 doilies to give you those memories. They are already with you.  I’d love to hear our ideas on sentimental items and what you did with them. Please share your brilliant ideas below in the comments.

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31,536,000 Seconds. Our First Year on the Road as Full-Time RVers.

525,600 Minutes.

8,760 hours.

52 weeks.

365 days.

One Year Nomadiversary

Our viewpoint after 1 year on the road! Who can relate? We’ve now been living in our RV for over 5 years now. Enjoy our perspective after our first year!

365 days ago, we pulled out of our driveway for the last time. Leaving one dream behind and starting a new one. Leaving behind “normal” and the comfort of everything we had built, into the complete unknown from one moment to the next.

Opting out FB cover Truck

Going back 21 months ago, we made a life-changing decision. We can’t really pinpoint one exact moment. For us, it happened over a 9-day vacation which was our first in our marriage without our daughters. What were we doing with our lives? Where did we see ourselves in 10-20-30 years, now that we were empty nesters? Were we happy enough in our jobs living the status quo? What is this thing called life, and how do we achieve something that we believe would fulfill us? From the moment we met, “normal” wasn’t how we created life. Beautiful chaos is a better description.  (2 kids. Lover of rescuing animals. Moving countless times from state to state, and even a 3-year tour overseas. Military life is just that … Beautiful Chaos.)

It’s amazing what can be discussed on an 11-mile hike (yes, in one day). We did 92 miles that week! I remember the day we got home from our vacation. So many things had been discussed in those prior days, but that day, we were both really quiet in our own thoughts about what had been somewhat decided in the last 9 days. Would we really do it? Would this just end up being something we didn’t have the means to actually grab? Was this just a dream, or were we really going to do this? Sell our dream home, and live … wherever? As I sat in front of our old RV unpacking from our vacation, I wondered about everything. How would our daughters react? Could we financially survive? How would we be able to justify sinking over $100,000 in our dream home, only to turn around and sell it? We were definitely lost in our own thoughts that day. 


It came down to this! It’s black and white. We can stay and do what we’ve been doing. Or we can make a change. If you make it more than that, you’ll kill yourself in thought. Yes, we lost a pile of money on our house. We thought we’d be there forever! But the money is already gone. So the choice is actually simple — we can stay and live in the house, or not. It was the same process with all our choices. The support of our daughters was the most important to us. And once we told them our plans, it was a sigh of relief. We had not told them our plans until we could put them into intelligent words (because at first, it was a jumbled mess of crazy thoughts). 

We gave ourselves 2 years to sell 2 houses and hit the road.


What a year it’s been!  BOOYA!!!!

How has this year changed us?

  • We now live life in a general direction. Most times, plan only for tomorrow, and even then, it’s left open and flexible. We can choose to stay somewhere longer or leave earlier. There is no schedule. We often get asked, “where are you going next”. We never know how to respond. Sometimes we have an answer, but most times we don’t. It’s awesome! Our response is usually “we don’t know … wherever the road takes us”. Being present in the moment and appreciating that we are right here, right now is all that truly matters to us. This moment we are living right now, right here, today is all that is promised. Tomorrow is never promised. 
  • We have become better people. We have the time to give back, volunteer more, and listen better. Don’t get me wrong, we were awesome people before, but struggled with finding the time between work and chores to give our time and our shoulder to people who needed it.
  • We have learned the “one in / one out” rule. We have always lived simply. And that’s not changed. But now we have to really think about new clothes, or shoes. We are limited on space, which makes it so much more simple. If we brought it with us, and haven’t used it in a certain amount of time, it’s donated (usually to our daughters who love our cool kitchen gadgets we just don’t use now). We don’t collect things anymore. We collect memories, moments, sunsets, and sunrises.
  • We’ve become more social. We found our tribe! The people who lift us up and remind us who we really are. Our tribe is priceless to us! Our circle of friends will grow. But we’ve met more people in the last 12 months who are more genuine and accepting than any other time in our lives.
  • We eat when we’re hungry, and sleep when we’re tired. What a concept! 

Going against social norms is not something that everyone can accept or even wants to do. And that’s ok! The beauty of each of our lives is that each one of us gets to choose our own path. We said from the beginning that we will make memories and mistakes. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do in your life … just be fulfilled and happy about your choice. If you’re not … change it. It truly is just that simple. Now our fears have gone. Our biggest regret now is that we didn’t plan to do it sooner. 

Did you make a big change in your life? What was your aha moment? Seriously, we’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment below and tell us!

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Our Nomad Beginning ~ Why We Sold Everything and Moved Into Our RV!

Our story is simple. We were tired of living on everyone else’s terms in life. Tired of the rate race, and never having time to spend in our dream home. We never had time to give of ourselves because we spent so much time striving for the next new item. Come check out why we decided to let it all go and live simply, give more, and expect less. 

Awwww Vlogging! There is definitely an art to it, and we’re working on it, but we have some work to do. But we wanted to share our story with you.

We’d love you to follow along on our journey ahead. Where we explore internally as well as the world around us. All while living in 39 feet where we will make memories and mistakes, and live life to our fullest. Tomorrow is never promised, so we are living our dreams today! 

Let us know what questions you have. We hope whatever your life path is that you live life to your fullest!

Here are a few blogs we think you’ll love!

So – You’re shopping on Amazon? I mean who doesn’t, right? Please consider using our link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, and it gives us a few extra pennies. Click below to use our link and then just shop like normal. Don’t forget ~ check out within 24 hours so we get credit! Thank you!! It really means a lot to us!

Thank you for stopping by our little corner of the internet! We truly appreciate each and every person who takes the time to read our blogs. We’re honored you spent the last few minutes with us!  If you aren’t signed up to follow us, please do! You’ll be notified of our new blogs when they go up. 

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20 Things We Learned in Our 1st Month of Full Time RVing

Our first month’s Nomadiversary was a huge success!

2022 update: Here we are, about to cross over the 6-year mark in our epic journey of full-time RV living and traveling. I love looking back and seeing how much excitement, adventure and energy we had, and all these years later, we still have! Full-time RVing isn’t for everyone. But our biggest advice is to find your passion and do that! Don’t wait for ‘someday’ because as we’ve experienced way too many times in our life, ‘someday’ can be rudely interrupted.

Here’s a link to our first video:

Our first month has been amazing! We feel blessed every single day that we gave ourselves this opportunity to live this life. As scary as it seemed sometimes last year, we’ve realized it’s not at all. Here are a few things we’ve learned in the last month:

  1. 4 squares of single-ply toilet paper is not enough (thanks hon!)
  2. Boondocking is not scary
  3. Our bathroom sink bath uses very little water and does wonders (thank you Norwex body towels)
  4. PA is a long way from SD and can be easily driven … in 2 months
  5. A lot of great boondocking places you wouldn’t expect to have cell service do, and the ones you would expect to have it, don’t. 
  6. The level up auto-leveling system relieves a lot of stress
  7. Cows really do come in more than 3 colors
  8. Watching The Walking Dead is much scarier in the middle of nowhere. Alone. 
  9. It’s awesome to not have a mortgage or car payment
  10. We love being able to pull over, have lunch in our own home, and use our own bathroom. 
  11. It takes just 7 minutes to clean the whole house. 9 minutes if you vacuum
  12. It’s perfectly acceptable to eat dessert before dinner. We’ve totally done that
  13. Having no schedule is completely ok. Different, but ok. 
  14. When you have a small spat there’s less space to be separated in, which caused the small spat to be resolved much more quickly 
  15. When living in such close quarters to one another, clumsiness is catchy (sorry JP) 
  16. Norwex towels really do work like they say they will.
  17. Taking a shower with a spider above you is possible without a panic attack. You just can never look away. Not even if you have soap in your eye. 
  18. Ticks find the dark spots on a yellow lab to hide. Miss Damsel’s new name is “tick lips”. 
  19. Traveling and living every moment of every day with your true best friend, is the most amazing life one could ever have. 
  20. Humanity and kindness are far from lost in this country. Both in the RV community and the amazing local people we’ve opened up and talked to, we have been blessed to make new friends and share smiles, handshakes, and great conversations. 

“For what it’s worth, it’s never too late, or in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. I hope that you feel things that you have never felt before. I hope that you meet people with a different point of view. I hope that you live a life that you are proud of. If you find that you are not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.”

Eric Roth

There is so much more ahead of us, and we are excited! Come follow along on our journey! Here are a few more blog posts we think you’ll love!

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How Much Does it Cost To RV Full-Time?

Some people are very private about their finances and expenses. We are not those people. We are proud of how we live, and we want to share our tips with you! We have always lived pretty simple and for the most part within our means. There were times in our sticks and bricks house we had car payments or credit card payments but not often.

When we had our 2nd daughter we made the decision that I (Stacy) would become a stay-at-home mom. Which I did for 12 years. So we shared a car, used coupons, and shopped at thrift stores. Which by the way is awesome!!! Fast forward all these years later, we realize that living like that has allowed us to do what we are doing now. (though admittedly there were times I’d get a twinge of envy when someone in our family or circle of friends would get a new car or the latest and greatest of “something”). We look at “stuff” very very different now. 

When we started to research full-time RV living and travel we made a budget. That budget flew out of the window very fast. It was realistic in some aspects, but very off in others. So we are here to share our experience with you. 2019 finances. What we spent. Now I will tell you that we don’t keep track of groceries, dinners that are eaten out, or visiting a local brewery or ice cream shop on occasion.

One of the biggest questions we get asked is “What does it cost to travel full time in an RV?”. We always find that question so hard to answer. Do you have personal loans? Do you have car payments, RV payments? Do you stay in RV parks, or do you boondock? What sort of insurance do you carry? Do you eat out a lot, or cook at home a lot? Do you have pets? Do you pay for your medical insurance? Do you travel full time or are you stationary? All these things make a difference. You can’t base someone’s full-time RV life off your own. With that being said, we are here to share our finances with you. To possibly help you understand some of the things you may have forgotten, or may not realize when planning your own full-time RV travel life. 

We find it very sad when we hear people excited to live their dream, and then realize they just can’t afford the RV life. YOUR finances are YOURS alone. Only YOU can figure out what works for you, and what kind of lifestyle you currently live. What your needs and wants are will be so different than my wants and needs. So be realistic with yourself. If at all possible, when you live on your full-time RV life – leave debt-free. Not everyone can do that. 

It all comes down to choices. We live within our means every month. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things we’d love to have, but creating debt to have those things isn’t worth it to us. We know if we end up with some debt, we’d most likely have to stop the lifestyle we so love. Being stationary in an RV isn’t something we’d enjoy. 

Our Stats for the Year

  • We drove 15,831 Miles
  • We drove through 21 States
  • We boondocked 329 Nights

Our Income

Our military retirement pays a little over $1,800 a month. We aren’t old enough to collect social security, and we have no other pensions coming in. That may not sound like a lot, and I guess it’s really not. But we actually make it work! Did I mention, we live simply? We also do not have any medical insurance costs since we are retired military. This is a huge deal. Had it not been for that we would not be able to afford full-time RV life. We find that very sad, but we know so many people spending more than half their monthly salary on medical insurance. About a year after being on the road, Stacy started a very small, part-time remote job, making about $1,200 a month. Stacy’s monthly income varies each month but $1,200 is a good average. TOTAL: $3,000 Income. We live within our $1,800 a month, and we put most of Stacy’s paycheck into savings.

Our 2019 Travel Map

You can view our clickable map here which includes pictures, cell phone speeds, and other information. This is every single stop our RV made for the night. For the entire year! (Our other yearly maps are available too!)

Our Fuel Costs

Yes! I actually wrote down every single time we went to get fuel, propane, or gas. It was a chore but I really wanted to keep track of this for a whole year. 

First off – Thanks to the only mod we’ve done to our truck (2012 Dodge Ram Dually) The  Stealth Performance Module we installed has been a huge saving to us! We are getting 3 mpg more than we did. But most of all, much better power. 3 mpg might not seem like a lot, but when you’re traveling the way we are, it’s huge! 

  • Diesel – 4,390.79
  • Gas (generator) – $103.61
  • Propane – $889.10

Our Camping Fees

$710.58 – This is actual campground fees for the year. This does not include any memberships we bought (That is calculated below) We didn’t plan to do as well this year as we did in 2018, where we spent a total of $48 in camping fees for the whole year. Why? Because last year we had something to prove to ourselves. When we left on this epic life-changing journey, dragging a 40 foot RV behind us, so many people told us we’d never boondock. And if we did, we’d be staying at Walmart most of the time. NOT TRUE! We wanted to show everyone that in a big rig you can absolutely stay in epic places. You can read our blog here. We still met our goal of being under $1,000. Not bad if you ask us! 

Our Big News for the Year

On Mother’s Day this year, we also found out we were expecting our first grandchild. Life is about chapters. This would be a brand new chapter for our daughter, and also for us. We very much want to spend more time on the east coast near our daughters, our new granddaughter and honestly, we haven’t explored as much of the east coast as we want so it’s a win-win! With that, YES there are amazing places to boondock, but it is less available if you’re wanting to be in a certain area. We did about 6 months of research and decided to go with a Thousand Trails membership. You can read our blog here. 

Dump/Water Fees

We spent $0 on dump and water fees. YAY US!!!! We were always able to find free dump and water. You can read our blog here on how to find RV resources.

Event Fees

$810 – This was a hard one for us to calculate because we don’t really keep track of stuff like this generally. But we decided it was still part of our finances. We are lifetime members of The Xscapers, and a few times a year love meeting up with our road family. Moab, UT. Colorado. The first Freemont Street Experience in Vegas. And so much more. The events are amazing, fun, busy, fantastic, and a chance for us to not only meet new people but hang out and bond with our friends we’ve not seen in a while. Those moments are priceless. But we did keep track of the costs associated with the events we decided to join. We wish we were able to do more of them! But we do live on a budget so we pick a few a year. 

Entertainment Fees

$424 – Again, a super tough one for us. As stated above, we don’t keep track of a trip to the movies, or a fun night out with friends to try a new brewery. What we did keep track of was anything like white water rafting trips, big tour events, or live plays or concerts we attended. We even did an amazing midnight, full moon kayaking trip on the Intracoastal waterways. Definitely worth the $15 each! So it’s stuff like that we put under this category.


  • Boondockers Welcome – $30
  • Thousand Trails – $6,000

I know we will get this question! Why did we spend so much on our Thousand Trails Membership? Boondocking will always be our #1 choice. It’s easy, open, free, and beautiful. There are no check-in or check-out times and we never have to hear the TV show the neighbor is watching. It’s our very favorite way to camp, and we surely won’t be giving that up. But we also want the freedom and ease of being in PA with our new grandbaby. And after lots of research, there just were no places we could really stay where we had as much access to them. We also want to explore the New England area of the USA. And there happen to be amazing Thousand Trails choices up there. 

Here’s how we figured out the worth. Our Thousand Trails membership was a one-time fee. We will need to spend about 150 nights in a campground to break even. Not per year!!! Per our lifetime!!! Totally doable! And that’s using $40 per night in our calculations. Some campgrounds are ridiculously more! We recently heard of a campground in CA charging $120 a night. Wait. What? Yes, TT has annual membership renewals, but that’s quite cheap and would only require about another 2-3 weeks to even out the annual renewal costs. So after months of research, we justified this purchase, and so far, so good!!

You can read all about our Thousand Trials fees here: Full-Time RV Life – Thousand Trails Costs

WiFi – How We Stay Connected

Stacy works a small remote job on the side, and Justin is in an online college. So yes, we have to have an internet connection all the time. We have two unlimited, un-prioritized, and un-throttled hotspots. One from Verizon and one from AT&T. We have no affiliate at all and are not paid by this company, but we are truly just satisfied customers. We have had our hotspots for over a year and have never had any problems, throttling issues, or prioritizing issues. All services are exactly what they promised. I highly recommend MyFi Connect. No contract. When you stop paying, they turn off your service. No fees whatsoever! You can find out more information MyFi Connect here!

Update for 2021 – Looks as if prices are going up to $100 a month. We are currently still paying $80 per month.

  • Verizon – $960 per year ($80 per month)
  • AT&T – $960 per year ($80 per month)

We do not choose to have any sort of TV cable or Dish TV service. We definitely stream our share of Netflix and again, have never had any problems doing that with the hotspots we have. 

Vehicle/RV Maintenance

  • Truck – We had very minor maintenance done on the truck this year. We did a few oil changes and then a total fuel line/filter change due to receiving bad fuel from a gas station. Fortunately, we didn’t have to pay for the fuel issues. The gas station stepped up and paid for everything. No new tires in 2019. But I do think that will be coming in 2020. Yikes!
  • RV – We did break a shackle this year. So we upgraded to Morryde 4000. $565

Remember, your finances are yours alone. I hope some of our advice has helped you. And we are always happy to answer any questions. Don’t stop dreaming! Keep traveling! Live Simply, Give More, and Expect Less! You got this!!!

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Journal it! Keeping A Travel Journal

First a little back story – Because there is always a back story, right?

I was raised by my grandparents from the age of 6 months old. So they were the only parents that I ever knew. I couldn’t have picked better parents if I had custom ordered the perfect set. I suspect just when they thought they were done raising kids, here I came, needing some parents. They opened their home and heart and started all over. Giving me the most amazing, perfect childhood. Unfortunately, I lost my grandpa when I was just 16. So I became even closer with my grandma who couldn’t have been a better mom, even though in her late 50’s had to go back to work to support me and get me through the rest of high school. Though I didn’t realize that’s what it was for until much later in life. Because she would always just say it gave her something to do. Even though she was walking a mile to and from work because she didn’t drive. My beautiful hero!! 

Fast forward to 2012 and I lost this beautiful angel I refer to as Nanny. Even today, I think I’m still grieving, and I’m not sure losing a parent ever gets easier. She was the last person who knew me as a child. It seems kind of strange, but the day she passed, so did all those memories that a mother holds of her child. I no longer had anyone who had those childhood memories of me. So my inner child died that day too. Sure, I have a lot of amazing memories, but they are one-sided now. After we cleaned out a very packed 4 bedroom home, and I arrived back to my own home with a basement full of stuff that eventually I’d have to go through, I started the search.

What Was I Searching For?

I wanted to find something from Nanny written to me. A letter. A journal entry with a day in her life with me as a bossy, headstrong, sassy child ruling her every move. The one she would give a nickel to if I could be quiet for 5 minutes while she tried to cook from a recipe. Also the one she played Barbies and card games with. The one who would allow me to pull out every clean dish and set tables up all over the house so I could play waitress. Only to find out she would have to wash all the dishes again that night. Just one letter. Just one “hey, I know I’m gone, but I left this for you to read … “ letter. Don’t get me wrong, throughout my 40+ years having her for my mom, I got lots of silly poems, funny little notes, and beautiful sentimental handwritten cards in the mail. So maybe I was just simply looking for something unrealistic. Or … was it?

So this leads me to the purpose of this blog. For your daughter’s sake, for your son’s sake, or maybe you don’t even have children yet but then for your future children’s sake … write it down! All of it. It doesn’t have to be a chore. And it doesn’t have to be daily. Or even monthly. But write down the things that matter. The places you go, the life experiences that you want to share (sad or happy). If you have kids, write down the funny things they say, or the stories that will make them laugh as adults. Just write it all down. Whenever you can. Because they might need that. 

For the last 4 years of travel, I’ve been keeping a log of our travels (Not a journal of memories) Every stop my RV makes, and we spend the night, I log the place, how our cell service was, and a little about the area. But it’s not a journal! It’s just a location. So a few months ago I started to keep a travel journal. One that maybe someday when my kids are ready to take a travel vacation somewhere, they can stand in the same location I did, and feel me there with them. My journal is pretty much written for my girls. In the last 30+ years of being a mom, they surely won’t have to worry about finding handwritten things because I made personal scrapbooks for them for years. But a travel journal is different and both of my girls have a wanderlust heart, so there is such a big possibility that someday they’ll stand in the same place, and take the same picture (maybe even on purpose). 

My Journal Matters!

It may not matter what kind of journal you buy or if you make one. But in a way, it might matter! I chose a really sturdy, fun journal after seeing one that our friends had. I loved the spiral binding and the prompts on each page. There are so many to choose from! But here’s the one I fell in love with!

Making it More Fun!

Journals include keepsakes too. Pictures, concert tickets, and tour receipts. Use your imagination. Having this little printer is fun! Another amazing idea from our friends! It’s the size of my hand and prints pictures out on stickers you can include in your book. It prints 2×3 sticky-backed pictures for you to put right in your book! Remembering the day, the people you were with, and a few fun things that make your book a little more personal. You can also pick up some fun little stickers like this, and fill in some of your blank spaces. Or add more pictures!

So write it down! Share your life and thoughts with the future! Kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids, maybe even kids you haven’t had yet. It’s very possible when you’re gone, they’ll wander around a basement full of your stuff, searching old coat pockets and stacks of paperwork hoping to find an envelope with something written especially for them. 

Be safe, be well, and start 2022 with a journal!!

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10 Reasons You Should Live in an RV

Why do people choose to live in an RV? Most will say it’s because they are searching to live more intentionally. At least that’s why we did it 5 years ago! Maybe people are in search of a life with less stress and more peace. RV living isn’t for everyone. After going through 2020 we’ve noticed a shift of thinking in people, and also organizations that now realize their employees really can work from home and be even more productive. As we’ve said so many times, RV life is still life. It’s not perfect rainbows and unicorns every day. But after 5 years of full-time RV living and traveling, we know for us, it’s a perfect lifestyle. It does take a lot of adjusting and flexibility. However, if you’re willing to do it, the advantages are incredible! Here are our 10 reasons we think you should live in an RV (in no particular order).

Less Stuff – More Simple Life

Experiences vs. material possessions. We got rid of about 99% of our stuff. The stuff we thought we needed when in reality was just holding us down. Emotionally. The more we got rid of, the freer we felt. We gave a lot of stuff to our kids, we donated a lot and sold a lot. We moved into our RV with the things we need and use daily. We’re very lucky to have room for some of our favorite items like our Instant Pot, homemade ice cream maker, and a full-size breadmaker. But it’s all about choices. You learn just how unimportant some of the things you’ve collected over the years (or decades) really are. Those sentimental items you have stuck in a box and never look at can easily become something more cherished, by getting rid of them. Wait. What? Check out our blog: What To Do With Sentimental Items When Downsizing. We knew we were going to love this lifestyle, but we still thought we’d miss something. We do not miss anything. If you are unsure if you’ll like living full-time in an RV, you can always choose to rent a storage unit with some of your things you don’t want to part with right away, and test it out for a few months or a year, and then decide what to do at that point. You really learn to not need or want material things anymore. I personally believe it’s because your life becomes so much more fulfilled with adventures and experiences, and your sense of what makes you happy, changes.

A Unique Perspective

When we lived in our traditional home, we woke up every morning and glanced outside. The only difference every day was the weather. Waking up in my RV every morning with a different view has been worth it all. Justin and I often comment when we pass a house we think is pretty that it’s too bad their view never changes. We see things from a totally different perspective now. Having the freedom to go anywhere with our home behind us is wondrous. We push the limits sometimes to get to a place where the views are just epic, but it’s really all about that perspective and living with no regrets. Before RV life, when we would take vacations, we would rush to get somewhere we wanted to go. Passing by so many other beautiful places along the way, but we were in a hurry. We had a goal in mind. Now we travel much slower, and cover fewer miles and stop and linger more. That old saying about stopping and smelling the roses is exactly what we do.


Freedom to go where you want. How many people who live in a traditional house are stuck next to neighbors they are feuding with? I see it all over TikTok. You don’t get to choose your neighbors when you live in a traditional house. However, we do get to pick our neighbors – or not have any. If we end up in a situation where we are alone, and then someone shows up that we don’t really care to be near, our house has wheels and we can just move. It really is just that simple! We need 20 minutes to pack up, and we’re on the road again. We can live anywhere in the country the wheels will take us. One month it might be the mountains of Colorado or the lakes of Montana, and the next month it might be the hills of West Virginia or the waterfalls of New York. You can go from the open countryside to the city in one day. The possibilities are endless when your home is with you.


Before we chose our RV lifestyle, we lived in a little country farm town in PA. We often got deer in the yard, as well as squirrels and birds. But the wildlife we have been able to experience while living in our RV makes those encounters almost feel like nothing. From moose, bears, and foxes to turtles and bison and so much more. Though we are both animal lovers, we’ve both learned so much more about wildlife and we get to appreciate it more and more everywhere we travel.

More Active

I don’t know about you all, but I sat in a stuffy corporate office behind double computer screens. On my butt, all day long. My longest journey was heading to the lunchroom. I often felt very proud of myself if I took the stairs to the parking lot vs. the elevator. We now live a more physically active lifestyle. Hiking, kayaking, exploring different towns and we even picked up a couple of e-bikes (and yes, we actually pedal them most of the time). Washing and waxing the RV, maintenance, and walking the dog are all things that keep us moving.

Slower Pace of Life

In our life before moving into our RV, we were always in a rush. We didn’t realize it until later, but our weekends were planned by Wednesday and our Sunday nights were left with always needing one more day to accomplish the things we crammed in our weekend and didn’t get done. If we planned to do something fun like a hike, it was always evaluating how long it would take us because (say it with me now) we have to get home and complete the rest of the chores that were on the list. Now we live life with a general plan and travel with a general direction in mind. Did I ever mention it took us about 2 months to travel the 444 miles down The Natchez Trace Parkway? You can read our 3 part series here: Driving the Natchez Trace Pkwy (Part 1 of 3) Sometimes we plan to leave where we are on a certain day, and the day before deciding to stay another week. We used to be too busy to really take in what was going on around us and to really enjoy it. Life moves too fast. Life is more than getting from point A to point B. It’s about enjoying the journey, and everything around you. Tomorrow is never promised! Enjoy every moment of this life we have.

Community / Road Family

The RV community is the number one thing we were most surprised about. It’s unique and diverse. We love it! We see more ingenuity in using what they have, and we’ve seen some weird things. Although it might take you off guard at first, it’s all good! It’s fair to say we’ve definitely run into “unhappy campers” out there, but for the most part, the people you meet in the RV community become your road family. The thing about the RV community is that everyone helps everyone. In reality, the RV community is small, but I can promise you there is someone not far from you willing to help you out in any way they can, and you always keep an eye out for each other. It never matters what your background, race, politics, or religious beliefs are. You are accepted and supported. It feels like a safer place to be. I don’t know about you, but when we lived in our traditional house, we hardly knew anyone in our community. We worked. They worked. And there was so much going on that even on our days off, we never ventured past the property line we were mowing. You’ll often find yourself traveling together or planning meet-ups.


RV life might just be the best thing you’ve ever done. It also might not be, but until you try, you won’t know. We’ve both learned so much of our country’s history. We’ve been able to walk the same paths as historical figures and experience the history in so many small towns we didn’t even know existed. Not only have we learned so much about our country, but we’ve learned so much about each other. We’ve now been together for over 30 years and married for over 29 years. But living in 39-feet together for 24 hours a day has taught us so much about each other we never knew. We’ve learned about maintenance on our RV, and how things work. Even if you don’t think you want to learn, you will just generally pick things up. Things will go wrong, and you will have to learn how to deal with them. Life is still life. But these things make you stronger and make memories. You can always call someone professional to come to help you, but it really does pay to learn it yourself.

Environmentally Friendly

We have become more environmentally friendly. When you have only so much water, and electricity doesn’t come from the grid, you learn to conserve and we’ve become more aware and we use only the water or electricity we need. American’s are generally so wasteful, and we don’t even realize it. We don’t leave lights on, and we don’t take 20-minute showers anymore. Something else we do every time we are out on our public lands is we pick up trash. Sometimes it’s a lot of trash. We always find it so very sad that people use our country as their personal dumping ground. Most often we find a public trashcan or dumpster within just a few yards of a pile of trash, which always seems so senseless. We use much less gas since we don’t drive to work every day, but it does even out with the fuel we use to drive our home around to all these grand places we get to live in for short amounts of time. We are simply more aware of our surroundings and aware of the utilities we use because they are more limited.

Your Home

Some people think that living in an RV is sad. We often get reactions of “I’m so sorry” when we tell people we live in our RV full-time. Unfortunately, people look at it that way. However, we also have the opposite reactions where people often express that this lifestyle is their dream. We know there is a difference between having to live and choosing to live in an RV. Home is always been our soft place to fall. Home is where our story begins and ends every day. It’s where we work, laugh, cry, cook, entertain, make memories and make mistakes. If you want to live totally off-grid, you can. If you want to live year-round in the RV park, you can do that too. You can have as many conveniences as you want. These days so many things are compact and moveable. From Netflix and hotspots to washing machines and dishwashers. You can make your home fit your needs. Even if it’s on wheels. We have lots of those creature comforts and have added a few things too. Like lithium batteries and solar power so we can live more self-sufficient. We can keep our lifestyle running perfectly, just from the energy we get from the sun!


I’ve mentioned it before! RV living isn’t for everyone. I read posts of people who have done it and after 3 or 4 months hated it so much, they went back to a house. And that’s perfectly awesome! Everyone gets to make choices that work best for their needs and wants. For us, however, it was about living simply, giving more, and expecting less. It was about giving back to communities and people we meet along the way. We are so blessed and so lucky to have had the experiences we have had, and we are both looking forward to many years of making new memories, experiencing new things, and giving back even more.

Thank you for stopping by our little corner of the internet! We truly appreciate each and every person who takes the time to read our blogs. We’re honored you spent the last few minutes with us!  If you aren’t signed up to follow us, please do! You’ll be notified of our new blogs when they go up. 

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