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Resolutions Are Like Graffiti

Resolutions are like Graffiti. They can be beautiful. They can also be destructive, distracting, messy, confusing and overwhelmingly disappointing. Stacy Ford Hear me out before you think I’ve gone a little cray cray here.  We don’t make goals or resolutions. “Opting Out of Normal” ya know! Living a life of no goals? What? You must think… Continue reading Resolutions Are Like Graffiti

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Workamping … wait what?

Yeah, we know … You read the intro, and it clearly said we quit our jobs and we’re going to live the dream of traveling through the US, skipping through the flowers, and eating ice cream. Well, that’s still true to a point.  But this summer we decided to try what they call “workamping”. Essentially… Continue reading Workamping … wait what?