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RV Accessories for the Bathroom

RV accessories are just as important as the RV itself. After almost 4 years of living and traveling full-time in our RV, we will share the items that worked, and some that just really did not, and why they didn’t. Everyone has different needs, different spaces, and different stuff. This will give you some great ideas if you’re starting out, a seasoned RVer looking for some ideas, or if you’re looking for gifts for your favorite RVer.

Our bathroom was a work in progress right up until just a few months ago (yes, over 3 years) when I finished the shiplap rehab I had been wanting to do. One of the reasons we picked our RV was because of the bathroom cabinets. Living full-time in our RV means we need to have enough storage available. We live very simple and very minimalistic, but we wanted enough space to also live comfortably.

Storage & Space Saving

Starting with the shower! Believe it or not, our current shower is bigger than the shower we had in the master bathroom in our sticks and bricks home.

  • Twist and Stick Shower Caddy – This will hold more weight than you probably have! Just make sure you really clean the area you’re putting this and I would suggest using an alcohol pad just before putting them up. They work great!
  • Shampoo and Conditioner Holder – The typical “hotel looking” shampoo dispensers didn’t work for us. First off, my shampoo just got gross in there! I didn’t find they were airtight like a shampoo bottle so everything seemed to gum up. These on the other hand are awesome!! My only complaint is that they are kind of ugly. Maybe something a little more stylish would be better, but on the other hand, not many people see the inside of our shower.
  • Shower Mirror – Not even kidding when I tell you we’ve had this in our shower for over 10 years. The mirror is starting to get a little discolored on the bottom side, but it still sticks and still works for Justin for shaving in the shower. There are definitely prettier ones out there, but this one is the one we have.
  • We use Command Hooks for our towels. I have them stuck to the outside of the shower glass doors. They aren’t the prettiest but they work amazing!
  • Speaking of towels, I don’t know about you all but we never had towels that didn’t develop a smell. I did all the methods to get the smell out, and never could. When decided to go full time, we invested in Norwex towels. We have had these towels for over 4 years and they never ever smell. They have something in them called BacLock and I can tell you it works 100%. Please check out our blog here about Norwex. I am not a distributor, just a very happy customer! We have Norwex products all over our RV and we couldn’t be happier!
  • Toilet paper holder – We wanted something that wouldn’t damage our wall, and this one has been up for over 4 years and still very sturdy and works very well.
  • Commend Hand Towel Rack – This is small, so I wouldn’t recommend this for a bath towel. Other than removing it to up our shiplap wallpaper, it’s been up for over 4 years with no problems.
  • Cabinet and Under the Sink StorageUse with this too! My most favorite bathroom item is my storage drawers. I tried baskets and bins, but these are the best!! We keep lots of things in these and actually have 2 double sets because they stack. It also has a little divider inside which is helpful for smaller items. We use this for hair ties, cotton balls, Q-tips, some of our seasonal medicines like cold and flu medicine that doesn’t need to live in our medicine cabinet. These are the exact ones I have, use, and love, but I do see some other sizes available from Amazon Basics. Just make sure you measure the area you have to use them in.
  • Toothbrush Holder – The finish on our cabinets has been a challenge to get anything to stick. No matter what product I use to clean it first, and no matter how strong the adhesive is, nothing seems to stick to our cabinets. I tried a few different toothbrush holders and I’m kind of picky about my toothbrush not touching anything else and this keeps it upright. It doesn’t slide and it’s only 4 inches tall. Make sure you measure the space you’re wanting it. I personally don’t keep my toothbrush outside the medicine cabinet. It’s just a thing for me. Ha!
  • Tension Rods – Keeping things in your medicine cabinet can be hard! I tried different little bins and baskets, and if you look at the picture below you’ll see the remnants of my bungee cord idea – which didn’t work. In the end, this is what worked for us. I actually do not even remove these tension rods from my cabinet, even on non-travel days. Nothing ever falls. This was the most inexpensive option for us. I know many people use little plastic bins, but I found that without the tension rods, they still fell out when I opened the cabinet after a travel day. Just make sure you measure your cabinets for the best fit.

Bathroom Remodel

I promised I’d share our blog on our bathroom remodel. It was so easy, and there are so many options. The blog link is below. Let me know if you have any questions.

RV Bathroom Decor

I often say that I am the opposite of a hoarder. And to my poor hubby’s demise, I love throwing things away. If it’s not used, why keep it? I love all the pictures I see of the very decorated RV’s but for me, that means just more things to dust, and more things to buy. I have lots of family pictures hanging up but as far as actual decor, I don’t have much. Even when we lived in our sticks and bricks house, people would always comment on how clean our house was, but in reality, we just didn’t have a ton of decor. Here are a few items you’ll see in my bathroom.

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