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Geo-What? What is Geocaching, and How Does it Work? Bringing Free and Family Fun Together.

What is Geocaching? It's a super fun world wide scavenger hunt that is amazingly fun for kids and adults alike. Gets you outside in nature and lets you find treasures that are placed all over the US and world.

Off the Beaten Path Series

Off the Beaten Path in Georgia. Exploring Hidden Gems in Georgia!

As full time travelers we'll share our top hidden treasures and off the beaten path things to see in Georgia, plus epic free camping areas

Boondocking / Dry Camping, RV Camping

RV Camping in Texas

Free RV Camping in Texas is the easiest boondocking we've ever done. So many big rig friendly places to stay! We'll share all our RV camping locations, with GPS information and also our paid and membership areas found.