Our Life Before Full-Time RVing

We’re Live! Our House Went on The Market Today!

October 17, 2016 – We’re Live! 


Today both our home and our rental property went live on the market. I didn’t know  what that meant until it was explained to me. It’s the act of  the listing being publicly published on the internet. Wow have things changed since we sold our home in Chesapeake in 2002. Now there is an app on my phone I can confirm my own showings, see comments people make after walking through my home, and many other features. Last week when the sign went up outside I had just a few fleeting moments of panic, or regret, or questioning if I’m making the right decision. I do love our home. We’ve put an awful lot of money into it thinking we’d stay forever. Now we are willing to take a loss on it and walking away? Am I crazy? I asked for a simple sign to let me know I’m making the right decision. I look hard for those signs to reassure myself in most of my life. I think if I’m on the right path spiritually or otherwise, things won’t be too hard. They will fall into place easier than if I’m on the wrong path. That sign came today when my manager at work told me an old co-worker of ours called her this weekend, and her own 42 year old manager passed away while running a 5k. Healthy, in shape, always very concerned about his health and eating right and keeping in shape. Tomorrow is never promised no matter how old, young, in shape or healthy you are. Don’t get me wrong, money is great, but it is just money. It’s life, and the memories you make that are truly soul filling. Funny how LIVE and LIVE are spelled the same way but pronounced different. So today we went live, so we can go live! 

Live Simply ~ Give More ~ Expect Less

Our Life Before Full-Time RVing

Stuff! Why Do We Have So Much and What are We Going To Do With It All?


Aug 7, 2016 — STUFF! Something has changed in Justin and I. Something way down deep that has no real words. As we have spent the last month selling and throwing away  so much “stuff” it’s been like a renewal. A focus on an end, or it is a beginning? A realization that “stuff” is not important. Memories are! The stories you write and the memories you have about the life you’re living are what matters. You can collect things you think you really need and still you have a void in your life. I think it’s human nature to experience life through adventure. And when you’re not free to experience life through adventure, you buy stuff to give you a false sense of happiness. As I sat going through things yesterday, which by the way can be extremely tedious and time-consuming, I was kind of disappointed in myself for getting to a point where piles of “stuff” were allowed to happen. I’m a minimalist. If there is an opposite to hoarding, I would be it. And yet, here I sat going through piles and piles of stuff that I had “collected” throughout my short 6 years in my home. Downsizing to a 39 foot RV is going to be a bit of a task, but we’re up for it. Let’s Roll!