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Top 18 Phone Apps For RV Travel

We travel full-time. These apps are designed to give you the most information for your situation, and will help keep you safe and informed.

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A 15 Minute Decision – Our Summer Plans Changed!

Wait -- How did we end up in Texas? Sit back. Get your drink of choice, and enjoy this story! It's definitely unique! It’s been a whirlwind few months for us. Typical fashion for our motto of “Opting Out of Normal”.  In December we accepted a work camping job up in the Black Hills of South… Continue reading A 15 Minute Decision – Our Summer Plans Changed!


The Mystery Castle – Arizona

We visited a bizarre mansion with a history of secrets and heartache in the city of Phoenix, AZ. The "Mystery Castle" took 20 years to complete and was built for a little girl named Mary Lou Gulley.  Here is the strange, yet true, story of one of the most unique places in the West. Mary Lou… Continue reading The Mystery Castle – Arizona


Magnificent Montana – Our Summer in Montana as Full Time RVers

Our first Summer in Montana