Our Life Before Full-Time RVing

Stuff! Why Do We Have So Much and What are We Going To Do With It All?


Aug 7, 2016 — STUFF! Something has changed in Justin and I. Something way down deep that has no real words. As we have spent the last month selling and throwing away  so much “stuff” it’s been like a renewal. A focus on an end, or it is a beginning? A realization that “stuff” is not important. Memories are! The stories you write and the memories you have about the life you’re living are what matters. You can collect things you think you really need and still you have a void in your life. I think it’s human nature to experience life through adventure. And when you’re not free to experience life through adventure, you buy stuff to give you a false sense of happiness. As I sat going through things yesterday, which by the way can be extremely tedious and time-consuming, I was kind of disappointed in myself for getting to a point where piles of “stuff” were allowed to happen. I’m a minimalist. If there is an opposite to hoarding, I would be it. And yet, here I sat going through piles and piles of stuff that I had “collected” throughout my short 6 years in my home. Downsizing to a 39 foot RV is going to be a bit of a task, but we’re up for it. Let’s Roll!