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31,536,000 Seconds. Our First Year on the Road as Full-Time RVers.

525,600 Minutes.

8,760 hours.

52 weeks.

365 days.

One Year Nomadiversary

Our viewpoint after 1 year on the road! Who can relate? We’ve now been living in our RV for over 5 years now. Enjoy our perspective after our first year!

365 days ago, we pulled out of our driveway for the last time. Leaving one dream behind and starting a new one. Leaving behind “normal” and the comfort of everything we had built, into the complete unknown from one moment to the next.

Opting out FB cover Truck

Going back 21 months ago, we made a life-changing decision. We can’t really pinpoint one exact moment. For us, it happened over a 9-day vacation which was our first in our marriage without our daughters. What were we doing with our lives? Where did we see ourselves in 10-20-30 years, now that we were empty nesters? Were we happy enough in our jobs living the status quo? What is this thing called life, and how do we achieve something that we believe would fulfill us? From the moment we met, “normal” wasn’t how we created life. Beautiful chaos is a better description.  (2 kids. Lover of rescuing animals. Moving countless times from state to state, and even a 3-year tour overseas. Military life is just that … Beautiful Chaos.)

It’s amazing what can be discussed on an 11-mile hike (yes, in one day). We did 92 miles that week! I remember the day we got home from our vacation. So many things had been discussed in those prior days, but that day, we were both really quiet in our own thoughts about what had been somewhat decided in the last 9 days. Would we really do it? Would this just end up being something we didn’t have the means to actually grab? Was this just a dream, or were we really going to do this? Sell our dream home, and live … wherever? As I sat in front of our old RV unpacking from our vacation, I wondered about everything. How would our daughters react? Could we financially survive? How would we be able to justify sinking over $100,000 in our dream home, only to turn around and sell it? We were definitely lost in our own thoughts that day. 


It came down to this! It’s black and white. We can stay and do what we’ve been doing. Or we can make a change. If you make it more than that, you’ll kill yourself in thought. Yes, we lost a pile of money on our house. We thought we’d be there forever! But the money is already gone. So the choice is actually simple — we can stay and live in the house, or not. It was the same process with all our choices. The support of our daughters was the most important to us. And once we told them our plans, it was a sigh of relief. We had not told them our plans until we could put them into intelligent words (because at first, it was a jumbled mess of crazy thoughts). 

We gave ourselves 2 years to sell 2 houses and hit the road.


What a year it’s been!  BOOYA!!!!

How has this year changed us?

  • We now live life in a general direction. Most times, plan only for tomorrow, and even then, it’s left open and flexible. We can choose to stay somewhere longer or leave earlier. There is no schedule. We often get asked, “where are you going next”. We never know how to respond. Sometimes we have an answer, but most times we don’t. It’s awesome! Our response is usually “we don’t know … wherever the road takes us”. Being present in the moment and appreciating that we are right here, right now is all that truly matters to us. This moment we are living right now, right here, today is all that is promised. Tomorrow is never promised. 
  • We have become better people. We have the time to give back, volunteer more, and listen better. Don’t get me wrong, we were awesome people before, but struggled with finding the time between work and chores to give our time and our shoulder to people who needed it.
  • We have learned the “one in / one out” rule. We have always lived simply. And that’s not changed. But now we have to really think about new clothes, or shoes. We are limited on space, which makes it so much more simple. If we brought it with us, and haven’t used it in a certain amount of time, it’s donated (usually to our daughters who love our cool kitchen gadgets we just don’t use now). We don’t collect things anymore. We collect memories, moments, sunsets, and sunrises.
  • We’ve become more social. We found our tribe! The people who lift us up and remind us who we really are. Our tribe is priceless to us! Our circle of friends will grow. But we’ve met more people in the last 12 months who are more genuine and accepting than any other time in our lives.
  • We eat when we’re hungry, and sleep when we’re tired. What a concept! 

Going against social norms is not something that everyone can accept or even wants to do. And that’s ok! The beauty of each of our lives is that each one of us gets to choose our own path. We said from the beginning that we will make memories and mistakes. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do in your life … just be fulfilled and happy about your choice. If you’re not … change it. It truly is just that simple. Now our fears have gone. Our biggest regret now is that we didn’t plan to do it sooner. 

Did you make a big change in your life? What was your aha moment? Seriously, we’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment below and tell us!

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Our Life Before Full-Time RVing

Stuff! Why Do We Have So Much and What are We Going To Do With It All?


Aug 7, 2016 — STUFF! Something has changed in Justin and I. Something way down deep that has no real words. As we have spent the last month selling and throwing away  so much “stuff” it’s been like a renewal. A focus on an end, or it is a beginning? A realization that “stuff” is not important. Memories are! The stories you write and the memories you have about the life you’re living are what matters. You can collect things you think you really need and still you have a void in your life. I think it’s human nature to experience life through adventure. And when you’re not free to experience life through adventure, you buy stuff to give you a false sense of happiness. As I sat going through things yesterday, which by the way can be extremely tedious and time-consuming, I was kind of disappointed in myself for getting to a point where piles of “stuff” were allowed to happen. I’m a minimalist. If there is an opposite to hoarding, I would be it. And yet, here I sat going through piles and piles of stuff that I had “collected” throughout my short 6 years in my home. Downsizing to a 39 foot RV is going to be a bit of a task, but we’re up for it. Let’s Roll!